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  1. As opposed to a country where you just need to "unironically do blackface"?
  2. I agree - although I'd have to watch the full event to know the tone of the rest of the QAs to state that with full conviction - but nonetheless. My point is just; she gave them sass, they gave it back. Was she actually interested in having this question answered, or just trying to make a point? I know it's an incredibly banal expression, but 'play stupid games, win stupid prizes'. She chose the tone of that interaction, she's not the victim of it. Was it unprofessional? Yea, I think so. Was it inappropriate? . . Again, depends on the broader context of the event, which I don't know
  3. Was the response inappropriate? Maybe, but her question was snarky and she completely set herself up for that kind of reaction. "As a female player of WoW, I would prefer if there were less sexualized female character designs available for us, as opposed to the eye candy designed to cater to the male players." - would have generated a very different response. Or, at least, if a similar response had been given then, it would have been entirely on them for souring the interaction, which I don't find to be the case as it stands.
  4. Also the original literally won't run on win10 Well - it doesn't run on my system anyway, and I've assumed that's the reason
  5. I'd say it's an interesting way of approaching gameplay balancing in story-focussed games, actually Replaying the same section over and over again isn't necessarily an issue in a purely gameplay-focussed title, but once you introduce item collecting, narrative, and exposition - going through everything 5 times over can get pretty grating. Why should a game be interrupted by death-states when an ally can bail the player out and continue the story more seamlessly? It's hard to tell a grand tale when the main character is regularly overcome by uncharacteristic incompetence. It's a diffi
  6. Editing? If you mean the spoiler, it's inconsequential. ( and not actually a spoiler, I just like to hide parts of my post I guess ) If you mean the italics, though - it's . . . hard to explain. I've tried to write that post about 3 times since monday, but I can't put it into words well. Sorry for the cringe wall I guess, but if nothing else at least this answers the hypothetical question of why I scrapped & rewrote this post 3 times
  7. I fucking loved bioshock but I can't replay it Guess an exploration/story focussed-ish game can't be just as good the second time 'round anyway***, but christ almighty the game(s) just don't feel good anymore, either way. I've tried all the .ini edits suggested, and it helps a ton but it's still just . . . ehh. Same goes for the "remasters", sadly. Really glad I played through the whole series on my first pc ( at, presumably, like 24 fps ) because I'm not sure I'd still be able to have enjoyed them today, even first time around Sucks to have standards, I suppose
  8. Hyperscape? Just watched some gameplay of it and I was 60% sure it was just apex legends footage so yea maybe that's what went wrong
  9. Okay so please tell me if I'm wrong but is it just me or is Disney-Pixar converging with the CalArts singularity I swear you could have told me this was made by Sony PA and I wouldn't have questioned it
  10. idk my dude, I think this is the sole piece of information I have formed my perspective off ( it's p long but the chapters are tagged if you only wanna hear the bit about lumberyard )
  11. Passive!? Well I guess battery life's not a concern if it catches fire in less than 10 minutes
  12. Any mention of battery life? Cooling? (fan noise?) If laptops are any comparison those are going to be the big point to watch for Also like Radu said, 64GB base model seems like a crude joke, literally cannot install 2 contemporary AAA titles at the same time --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It seems like kind of an awkward shape for a portable, but I guess they know that since a carrying case is included with all options. That said though, I
  13. the only thing I've seen about lumberyard is that amazon forced its developers to use it & that cost them years of development time because literally not one person liked it was not compelled to look into it more deeply
  14. only tangentially related but I found this channel a few days ago and wanted to share it https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPmnhtABNKjwsrln3xP0Cig
  15. ThunderKeil

    Corona Virus

    Well, I listened to Brave New World . . . I'm honestly unsure why I disliked it quite as strongly the first time, guess I was just in a bad mood. But I maintain I don't enjoy it as much as a story in the same way I did most of the various similar publications. As for parallels to current goings-on, I suppose I can see what you mean, but the concept of a manufactured populace - as a core principle of the narrative - doesn't really add up for me. At any rate, I think I've mentioned it before, but I'd say Fahrenheit 451 hits on some current affairs nicely without trailing off quite as
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