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  1. I want to say you're right . . . but at the same time I can't help but feel that a problem that could be solved by allowing players to freely run around the map for 3 minutes needs hardly be a problem at all Wouldn't be entirely crazy if Valve implemented something like . . if any player on the server is playing the map for the first time, disable weapons during warmup & let it run through its full duration regardless of how fast all players have connected. Yea they still might not know which corners to peek but at least they'd know where they are. You could say players should just play a few rounds on casual once before jumping into a proper match, but - well - I know I don't.
  2. That's awesome, I'd noticed HLA had great edge definition but I assumed they just made everything out of displacements 'cause they went through that phase in csgo Would kill to have that feature in source 1 though, I've used my own jerry-rigged version of it for a project but it's just such a hassle
  3. New file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YkZuPrQqfLiIxi3H_QLo2N1lZ7pFuFRc/view Changelog; (yea it lists some v minor things but this was kinda just my checklist as I was editing the map) east hallway: added doorway on end right east hallway: entryway ceiling/texture east hallway: back wall new texture east hallway: display case side textures west hallway: ceiling/window textures west hallway: arch1 texture improvements west hallway: ceiling arch texture parallel hall: ceiling/window textures parallel hall(way): arch1 & arch2 textures wing hall: wall/window texture main stairway texture improvements upper bridge texture improvements main hall second floor: new mesh for stained glass windows main hall second floor: new stained glass projection main hall second floor: goat gate unique texture & mesh main hall second floor: moa room stained glass mesh main hall: new window textures main hall: improved / added more floor textures fixed ''inside'' textures on all arches (maybe temp idk yet) adjusted cubemaps & remembered not to rename bsp Since it's relatively small changes all over the map I feel like new screenshots aren't super warranted right now, they're still meaningful changes though so if you're interested in the map please don't hesitate to get the newest version. [edit] got some new screenshots anyway but I decided to replace the ones in the main post rather than put them here I'm kinda hoping this'll be my last upload before the ''rc1'', so if any of you *do* experience a crash while running this map, please let me know sooner rather than later. I've still yet to have issues on my end with these files but it wouldn't be the first time I'm getting some weird behaviour so honestly idk maybe my editor is just cursed. Full release / rc1 will mostly mean colour correcting all the textures and adjusting clip meshes here and there, but since there's at least ( * glances at materials folder * ) like a hundred unique textures that's not necessarily just one afternoon of work. Also my texture editing folder's like 23GB and entirely not sorted so that's not gonna help speed things along ( ._.) Either way yea don't sit on the edge of your seat waiting for it and please download this release so I can fix some of the inevitable glaring oversights
  4. Looks neat, always fun to see slight variations on existing gamemodes. I tried making a map where the CTs started in possession of the c4 a few years ago, didn't really go anywhere but I'd like to think the concept could still work . . As for the door, I suppose this works fine, but if you wanted to pursue your original concept more closely; I forget *exactly* how just now, but I recall it should be possible to ''tag'' players, as in - attach an object name to them when e.g. they walk through a trigger volume, or - in this case - pick up the hostage. You'd then be able to use that name with a filter to open the door for them
  5. Hey, my name's ThunderKeil, or just thunder for short. That's keil as in Donnerkeil, the german for thunderbolt. If you're wondering, yes, a german friend has since told me that's not the commonly used translation, but alas. So, yea, waaaaaaaay back when I first got into PC gaming I needed a name, and I picked thunderbolt, because that's what people of 12 or so years old do. Well, that name was already in use, as you can imagine, so I went with the german version of it. In the next game I played the german one was already taken, too, so I did the obvious and mixed them up. It's . . . good enough, at least kinda unique as far as such things go. I've been on GameBanana since about 2013 or so, pretty much as long as I've played tf2 - so if any of you recognize me it's probably from there. Kinda stopped visiting about a year ago, most of the main page is sonic or some flavour of the week thing these days anyway. God knows why sonic modding suddenly flared up in the current decade (or just the end of the previous one, I suppose) but hey I'm getting off topic again. So, maps huh. Well, made a lot of those, published about . . . four and a half? I'll be frank, finishing projects has not been my forté. Guess I'm kinda shit at estimating workload, keeping myself focused on one thing, setting priorities, uhh, etc. You might'a guessed it by my long ass story already but yea I got some adhd going on here, so if you ever check out one of my projects prepare for either a chinese wall worth of text or absolutely nothing. I'm not sure how much longer I'll continue to make maps, I think - mostly - I'm just hoping to eventually make one nice enough thing so as I can say yea look at that I'm done, I've finished hammer, this is ok now and I can leave. Well, that's the dream, anyway.
  6. ThunderKeil


    Really loving this, maybe I've just got tunnelvision but I don't recall many games that really draw on the rural americana vibe - or at least not remotely as many as movies do (or did? maybe that's the reason, it's just fallen out the zeitgeist) but I really enjoyed it in alan wake, and do here too. I'm kind of unsure about the quarry though, to be completely honest. The green pit feels out of place, it's like a miniature version of a typical open-pit mine, whereas the rest of it is clearly a granite/marble/whatever stone quarry. I'm no expert, but I really don't see why there'd be a rough stair-stepped hole kind of haphazardly placed in the middle of there. If you've got a reference you're basing this on I'd quite like to see it, because I can't find any images where those things are combined like this. Yes, quarries often have a water reservoir, it's the shape and placement that doesn't sit right with me. Frankly, the whole area looks kind of. . . off to me, like it's constructed, more so than being a place that's been carved out. I think colour-matching the rough surrounding rocks with the cut ones might help, and more rubble on the ground, too. Or maybe it's just the texture, it kind of has more of a concrete look to me than natural stone . . not quite sure. Sorry for being so critical, but I wouldn't bother if I wasn't interested in the map
  7. New file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PKLII33cFCqnOnBOmLTD8dFUealSDCbY/view Changelog; rebuilt east hallway added details to hallway entrances & ground floor display chambers redid parts of the north hall second floor added details on third floor & got a bark texture for the sequoia slice fixed clipping & missing walls at ground floor main hall wing entrances fixed west hallway ''triple arch'' texture & rebuilt mesh general texture cleanup general clipping fixes found out renamed map files don't run cubemaps lol (which still affects this release but I'll try to remember it for the next one) increased spawn points from 2 to 24
  8. Ah, never played Arkham City but I just looked at a video of the level. Yea, they've definitely taken some of this architecture for that map, but the layout's entirely custom as far as I can tell. Makes sense, really, the real museum's layout is pretty barebones when you get down to it, which I think they're trying to counteract nowadays by putting up a lot of temporary walls to kind of subsection the big halls into more densely usable spaces. Quite enjoying the arkham interpretation though, very bioshock-esque [edit] was gonna upload a new file last night but I noticed some oversights that I'd like to fix first, here's a screenshot of the redone east hallway though - you'll notice the lighting is kinda drab because I forgot to make the windows transparent
  9. Thanks it's for cs:go I want to compile it for other games too eventually, like gmod and HLA
  10. This is a mostly complete 1:1 recreation of the London Natural History Museum interior, sans the more recently built extensions and not including any of the real exhibitions. It's not the world's mostly graphically impressive map, but it's a labour of love and lots of time. All mesh created inside the hammer editor, and using near-exclusively custom textures ( roughly 125! ) all edited by hand. Currently only compiled for cs:go, but I intend to port it to at least gmod as well, maybe it could work as scavange/survival in l4d2? Would love to see it in HL:A too, but I don't yet own VR so if anyone's interested to port it for me - or in contributing in any other way, please do contact me. If you've got a good idea for props to fill the exhibition spaces with, that'd be cool too - I was gonna do a half life theme but pretty quickly ran short of actual suitable models, at least that I could find. Files; First public release (only includes two spawnpoints): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ojDYBtpS4X-zJDpcqMHTeegJjI7Up8_1/view Second release (many small additions, much improved east hallway, 24 spawnpoints): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PKLII33cFCqnOnBOmLTD8dFUealSDCbY/view Third release (all around improvements/additions, fixed cubemaps): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YkZuPrQqfLiIxi3H_QLo2N1lZ7pFuFRc/view First *full* release: Coming Soon™ ( look through posts below for more detail on the changes ) Original description: Known issues/"FAQ" (fictitiously asked questions):
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