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  1. I've experimented with a number of concepts, but to be quite honest I'm not convinced it could work very well as such. I mean, I'm no whiz in competitive design - but I'm not really sure how you would go about turning it into a compelling layout. There's only one real pathway between the first and second floor, and most areas are dead ends or loop in on themselves - unless I start cracking walls to add new pathways ( and yea, I suppose I could - but I'm not really sure how to go about it ) I don't really see it working well in CS other than just a deathmatch map. As for "game viability" - if by that you mean the prospect of it being added into the official map pool - I'm very much flattered, but the fact of the matter is; That aside - in terms of gameplay possibilities I'm mostly looking at turning it into a scavenge/survival map for l4d2 right now. Just dirty the place up a bit, hide some jerrycans & plop a big london citybus out front . . . well, that's the idea - I've never worked with the left for dead sdk before so who knows how long it'll take me to figure out all the zombie stuff but oh well Anyone who's got any good ideas or would like to collab on it is still totally welcome, of course, though if the past 6 or so months is to be an indication I'd say that interest has been - well - none, as of yet.
  2. elon's gonna fix the game and make it run exclusively on tesla dashboards lmao
  3. Finally got around to testing this out a bit, looks nice ( from some angles )
  4. I've always felt very strongly about , but my misplaced overemphasis hereof had honestly come to harm my work quite severely. Those of you who've only looked at the screenshots likely wouldn't have noticed, but I'm sure the few who actually downloaded the map will have been surprised by just how fucking low the texel density on many objects was - now working to fix this where needed & possible to try and bring the visuals into the current decade
  5. Logitech m235 Hard to say I prefer it, exactly, but it's the only one I've used for the better part of a decade and I've developed an exceedingly retarded grip because of that ( diagonally, essentially holding the back and front with my thumb and middle finger respectively, pinky and ring finger either off to the side or bent with the tips against my palm ) - so even though I'd like to get a better one that would mean having to fight through the urge to hold it incorrectly for like a month which is honestly just too ehh first one's pretty much like this except I'm holding it more with the middle of my thumb than the tip, second one seems to be entirely exclusive to myself - or at least I've yet to find an image online Dunno if I'd recommend it, but it's comfortable to me - my csgo rank would seem to insinuate it doesn't lead to very good aim though lmao
  6. Ah, taking the Bethesda route hm?
  7. they should be deeply embarrassed for the state it launched in, but I do hope all subsequent shenanigans don't impair them from polishing the game up post-launch 'be a shame to see that whole world - all those assets - go to waste because the investors got antsy
  8. Used that first link a bit too a year or some ago to try and get some architectural photos extracted from equirectangular panoramas, it seems like a good first step but if the building is wider or higher than the cube face you just end up with heaps of work trying to fix the bent pieces than if you used a proper panorama editor in the first place Was a little tough trying to figure out Hugin ((free) panorama editor) because I guess turning panoramas into not-panoramas isn't what panorama creation software is primarily geared towards, and since I guess noone else was doing it either because it was pretty hard to troubleshoot. Well either that or I just lacked the photographers' jargon needed to search my issue. Easy as pie once you do figure out the steps though
  9. Stock model or custom? Resolution obviously doesn't mean anything if the texture is mapped poorly. On the slim chance you made this using propper - there's a number of issues that can lead to the texture being scaled incorrectly when compiling. Recompile the texture to a VTF version the plugin is familiar with ( I use 7.2 just to be sure ). It also helps to pre-emptively modify your materials to VertexLitGeneric, if the model-to-be has non-model-friendly shaders the plugin has to edit them itself while compiling, which again may cause problems.
  10. I'm a little different on that - I quite dislike creating ( very thin ) blocks to only use one of its faces, it clutters up the editor and I don't like to be surprised by face culling shenanigans after a full compile I'd much prefer if there was an option to just create a single face rather than a block, but a displacement serves alright in lieu of it
  11. If you're worried about players being unable to tell when the trap is or isn't active with a more lava-like blended texture - it is actually possible to toggle between different textures on a displacement, so you could switch it between this ground texture and a different one depending on if the lava's there I don't think it's explained on the wiki ( material proxies in general aren't expanded upon as much as they should be ) but I'd be glad to help out if you need it
  12. here's to my third annual tradition of trying to learn blender well, first time I tried it I just gave up after like 15 minutes because holy shit the viewport control is awful for newcomers & wow it's impossible to do anything without remembering 13 hotkeys Second time I made what could loosely be described as a horse ( following this tutorial ) and this time I actually used that same tutorial again, kept at it for a few days and I'd say I'm pretty comfortable with the controls now Quite happy with how it's turned out, guess I'll try to figure out UV unwrapping next
  13. ThunderKeil

    Corona Virus

    It's easier when you haven't engaged in social media since 2008 Tangentially related; Joe Biden filling his cabinet with Google and Facebook employees after they've spent months burying negative coverage & blatantly censoring people questioning the election @dux
  14. ThunderKeil

    Corona Virus

    Herd immunity. Immunocompromised people may be unable to take the vaccine themselves, or it may not be effective in them, and population-wide immunity can stop the virus from spreading to them. That's what all the antivax drama has been about for years now, ngl I'm genuinely surprised you'd not know that
  15. ThunderKeil

    Corona Virus

    Understatement of the year, they literally [literally] welded people's front doors shut to enforce the quarantine Pretty much that. I'll get it once they've had a year at least to prove there's no side effects, I'm in no hurry to get back to shaking hands and licking doorknobs The problem with ''agree to disagree'' is that it's basically "default to inaction". That's not a problem in and of itself - but when most political dialogue boils down to ''we want radical and sweeping changes'' VS ''uh nah lets not'', inaction favors one side, so it's no true compromise. On the other hand - compromise as it's generally applied insinuates a change is enacted, so no matter how small, the action-favoring side has 100% won out over the side favoring inaction. Judgement of Solomon n all that . . . is it too early to start quoting bible verses? The great illusion of political debate is that there's an assumption both sides are arguing polar options, when often rather than "left or right" it's "left or keep going straight". Action vs inaction is not a polar debate, all actions have opposites. Maybe that's semantic, maybe it's pedantry. But I think it's a meaningful premise and I never see it discussed
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