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  1. I never called you any such a thing, I only stated that your religious beliefs are wholly irrelevant to this discussion, and your insistence to insert them have not aided to move the conversation in a productive direction. Hoever, since you gave me permission: yes, you are a lunatic. The question is hardly whether you're wrong, it's what you plan to do about it. Or, more so, what you seem to think we should do about it. I - and several others - have agreed with you that there are flaws in Valve's workshop system. The question is how you think it can be improved, and if you really do have a great idea - how you expect to bring that to Valve's attention. There's no point screaming at us there's a building on fire, we are not firemen, nor arsonists. So far, best I can tell, your only proposed solution has been to ''cap the reward at 2000$ per skin (or 0$)'' - I argued the flaws of that preposition, and you completely ignored them. You spent more time digressing to my offhanded post-script than you did to respond to any of the actual content of my post - which isn't hard because you spent exactly no time whatsoever responding to that. And I'm not just speaking for myself, numerous people have written at length explaining the flaw in your reason, and you just pick the least important part of their post and only respond to that. Presumably because you are convinced your argument is infallible, and any claim opposing it must therefore be inherently flawed. Cough. Personally offended by what? Yes, I blame you for being incapable of holding a discussion, you are. So what have you done to deal with them? What are you expecting us to do about it? The only vaguely relevant point you have made was "if I were valve I wouldn't do the things they are doing, because I am a righteous person" - but somehow you expect all of us - not valve employees - to solve this issue that's existed for years but you only realized last week. Arguing against your claim does not equate an attempt to hide it, you reason like a paranoid schizophrenic. Since you're incapable of picking the relevant information out of a body of text, I will now neatly list the things I expect answered: What is your concrete suggestion for improving the csgo skin workshop? Why is the csgo skin workshop, perceived as a form of gambling, more objectionable than other forms and in need of being singled out? Why is the csgo skin workshop, perceived as a waste of time, more objectionable than other forms and in need of being singled out? How do you expect Valve to justify the prospect of sharing much less revenue with skin creators? Explain what we ''have done upon others'' and what ''good'' it is time to do.
  2. @WD No, you're right, that was crude. My apologies, @Ringel All the same, this thread was ''personal'' long before 2 hours ago. We had that discussion, and it went nowhere - for that reason. How can we have a discussion when the (seeming) only person on one side of the conversation changes the topic to talk about how he rejects organised religion but got baptized last year? If we couldn't have a discussion, maybe we could have a laugh . . . that was misjudged.
  3. Who has done what? Who should do what? You started this thread stating (in your own flowery way) that valve is evil for operating the skin workshop as they do, and asking our opinion of it. Now you're implicating all of us in it? What have we done that is bad? What should we (have) done that is good? The entire situation you claim to oppose is outside of our control. Have you (not) done the thing you chastise us for? Your bottleneck isn't our lack of being able to see your body language, it's that you speak English at an average-for-german-person level and make no attempt to utilize this limited resource towards conveying your thoughts to us in the clearest possible manner. Even if we assume your mind to be the spiritual enigma you claim it is, your posts do not reflect it well. Don't forget, history's greatest philosophers are remembered for what they said, not what they thought. Speaking is an art, speaking a second language doubly so.
  4. ThunderKeil

    (Source) Black props

    What @JorisCeoen said should be the solution, but he got a little mixed up. It's -staticproplighting, not -propstaticlighting. In case you're entirely unfamiliar with expert compile settings; Click [file] -> [run map] In the bottom left corner, click [Expert...] Under Configurations, select ''Fast'' (Yes, it's fine) Under Compile/run commands, click the line with $light_exe (the line, not the tickbox) add -staticproplighting in the Parameters box on the right (before the other parameters, not behind them (honestly not sure that matters but I recall being told it))
  5. The new screenshot looks worlds apart from the footage from 2018, like blackdog said, very painting-like. Did you make big changes visually or is it just the editor making it look a bit different? The teaser still leans more toward the same style as the previous video Honestly it could just be the grain that's making me view it very differently . . There's something about ''low noise + no outline'' visuals that kind of make my eyes itch, it's not that I dislike the way it looks, but more like my vision can't rest because there's no hard details to auto-focus on. It's something I think I first really experienced with BOTW, although that was definitely not the first game to use the style Well, that might just be me. Game looks great either way, looking forward to seeing how it turns out
  6. I think that's just par for the course, night themes naturally have softer lighting than day ones, unless you're sprinkling around big contruction lamps. Well, that's not entirely true . . I mean if you're doing an urban theme, a night version would have more contrast than a day one, but I think it holds up here. I believe csgo's version of source has had bloom removed (or, it's been removed from the settings, anyway) - which makes it more difficult to insinuate brightness well on anying other than point lights. But again, I'd say the windows here don't appear bright enough to warrant it. For reference though, I'm pretty sure Ravine just has light sprites over all the windows / other light sources. Also, looks like Ravine has a noticeable amount of moonlight, with much much darker ambient lighting, whereas you seem to be going for an entirely overcast theme. I assumed that was intentional, but if it wasn't, that's definitely a way to get a bit more contrast.
  7. Well, I'd say there's a more fundamental issue that would need to be looked at first. That is, on Steam in general, moderation and quality control is near-non-existent. I'm kind of split on that, but in the interest of brevity lets just say I think both high- and low-moderation digital spaces have their place, but I don't think Valve should have let Steam become the latter. And - secondly - the fact that steam workshops serve a double function, in that they are both used to share content among players, and as a means to submit content to be considered for addition to the game(s). That makes sense, since players are a part of that review process, but it does muddy the water tremendously. It's great that players can share content they made with their friends, and integrating this functionality into steam is great - but does it make sense to throw every 15 minute AIM map onto the same pile as projects people may have spent months or even years on? Many files are submitted without a valid title, description or relevant image - and Valve has done little to discourage it. You'd think that takes care of itself, cream will rise to the top - but there's been plenty evidence to show that's not the case. There's rampant manipulation of the workshop systems, including - but not limited to - linking to malicious third party services. And Valve's dug their heels in the sand for that - thank god - but I guess I would argue they should have stepped in *before* it became a legal issue they couldn't ignore. --------------------------------------------------- That may or may not be relevant to your point though. In terms of payment, I think you're looking at it backwards. Valve doesn't just pay them as a congratulation for getting in the game, it's a share of the profits generated from the item. That's how I've always understood it, anyway. How does your suggestion account for this? Are you suggesting Valve plainly skews the profits more towards themselves? Or should they split the revenue so all workshop creators share a part of the profit? I wouldn't say that's entirely crazy, but that brings us back to the first half of this post. There would need to be many layers of filtering before you could reasonably assume all the bots and 0 effort submissions have been taken out of the batch . . . and then what? Share equally among everyone? Rank every submission and pay based on quality? The former will just encourage slightly higher quality spam, the latter is essentially a watered down form of what we have now. Does the fact that the same creators are often picked undermine the spirit of ''community created content''? Yes, absolutely. Does it mean players end up with a higher quality of content? Probably. Would hiring those creators to work in-house make any difference? Maybe. You talk about wasted time like that's Valve's responsibility - but where does that end? Should reddit, youtube, and all social media be deleted for ''being a waste of time''? What about videogames? The only logical endpoint to your argument is that cs:go itself be removed. Is that hyperbolic? Maybe, but not much.
  8. Everything seems simple with a positive attitude I don't question that this is what I want, nor that it is one of if not the only thing of which I can without doubt state that I'm capable and willing to put in the time for. That said, I do also firmly believe talent, as an inherent or at least young-taught quality, exists. And I'm not as- confident I have it. Like I said, or at least alluded to, I'd hate to be the kind of person who spends his whole life deludedly chasing a dream out of reach. Jon Richardson will never win the Olympic 100m, and chris chan will never draw a comic that looks like it was made by someone more than 12 years old. No shade on Jon, he just came to mind. But I'd hate to be the chris chan of level design, and god knows someone's got to be. Well, at any rate. Thanks for the insights and the motivation, guys, guess I've got some plans to make
  9. Maybe too broad or too heavy a question for this thread; but is level design - or game dev in general - a reliable enough source of income to justify fully dedicating to it without a good backup plan? Although level design - in some form or another - has been my passion for the better part of a decade now, I always wrote off trying to make it my job because it just felt too unattainable somehow. I didn't want to end up just another wannabe moviestar trying to make it in hollywood . . or, for a more zeitgeisty analogy, a full-time youtuber/streamer with 7 subscribers. Started college last year, kind of all fell apart with covid lockdown & changed my major after the summer. Lockdown continues and it's the same tale as last time. If I drop out and start learning different engines + working on my portfolio fulltime, what's the minimal amount of time I should reasonably expect before I might get a chance to get into the industry? Can I reasonably expect to get into the industry eventually, or will I be chasing a dream for 5 years & have nothing to show for it in the end? Would really appreciate some insider opinions. What separates the people who can do this as a job from those who can't? Mapping is one of the only things I can do for days on end without becoming distracted, bored or fatigued, and I want to believe that's something I should be able to harness. But whenever I actually think of trying to do so, a little voice in my head says ''yea but what about the people who play minecraft all day, or build model railway sets? What about those people who make huge lego statues, and every self-professed artist who'll never sell a canvas in their lifetime?'' And it turns my mind to static.
  10. I'd originally dropped doing the building's exterior, but it was pointed out to me that looking through the ceiling windows of - well - all of the parallel halls had you looking right through everything so clearly it needed to be fixed. (rough) changelog:
  11. the problem with counter strike is that, even though it gets updated plenty, real actual changes to the fundamental formula are few and far between That's not a problem in the ''it being a bad game'' sense, because it's not. But it is in the ''trying to find anything worth discussing'' 7 years ( or - arguably - 20 years ) down the line sense
  12. Looks excellent, changing it to an evening scene & adding artificial lighting really helped to make the walls less flat
  13. Looks good - if you still haven't fixed [pic], look into hotspot texturing. I believe it allows you to apply square/rectangular textures to a parallelogram like that, so you wouldn't have to manually edit the angle into the texture, which can be quite a pain.
  14. Besides comedic value, that's actually a great way to put its size into perspective I'd say it looks about a third smaller than I'd originally assumed
  15. That's true for stadia, sure, but GFN isn't advertised - as far as I was aware at all, but at any rate not primarily - as a competing storefront It's a service that lets you stream a virtual pc, on which you can log into other storefronts - or at least steam - just as you would on your own device. If I were to log into my steam account at the library, a friend's house, or on campus - developers wouldn't have a say in whether or not I'm allowed to download my steam library on that device, why is this any different?* *( that's the crux, simply - it's not about games being simply incompatible or unavailable, but rather that GFN needs to keep the game files on hand so the virtual machines don't re-download the same ones, slowly, from Valve's servers 234680 times a day, and developers/publishers refusing to sign off on that - in the eyes of the people in that image; because they think by refusing to make the game usable on GFN, people'll buy it again on stadia )
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