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  1. Oh - don't be sorry, I still enjoyed it I just didn't enjoy it 92% audience rating To be completely clear I'm not complaining about the visuals in general - some parts were very crudely CG'd but that's industry standard at this point - I quite enjoyed the style besides that. It's just her suit in particular, it's such a ridiculous oversight. And even in the handful instances where they do draw the hoops, they haven't drawn the rear sides of them. I learned about this entire IP a day ago so I shouldn't care the slightest but come on what the fuck
  2. @blackdog just went into the first ep cold and holy shit I was not prepared for that ending [edit] (spoilers (kinda)) Also super mega nitpick but Atom Eve's symbol is drawn with a cross through it instead of 2 hoops in nearly every shot when a simplification like that really only makes sense when she's too far from the camera to notice the difference. It took me like 4 episodes to realize she wasn't called ''adam eve'' just because her costume didn't make any kind of sense at all Nitpick No. 2 dear everyone in america please learn how to pronounce the name Cecil
  3. Not gonna lie, pretty sad to see train bumped out of active duty It's been my favourite by far for ages - the large, closely spaced bombsites give it a very different feel in terms of rotates & area control compared to most if not all other maps
  4. I legitimately cannot find a way to reply to this without getting a mod warning
  5. That piece of my post may have been decontextualized when I cut out the middle part; the dystopia wasn't meant to be linked directly to adult content, it was just a summary of the whole matter. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On a lighter note: a concept I came up with like 7 years ago; "like what if there was an MMO except it was also a bank - and instead of milking people dry through microtransactions, you like earn in-game points
  6. I didn't, my point was simply that you present a very specific perspective, and when you offhandedly post; I think I can reasonably assert to have a adequate view of what that perspective is. ( yes, the third quote was you responding to a question - so it's not offhanded ) Are those people living their best life? Look, I'm not here to pretend to be a moral authority, nor to insult you ( hence why my previous post was so vague - but alas here we go ) but if we're gonna be discussing VR as a new frontier, lets please take a second to consider what impacts this may have
  7. you do you dude but idk that sounds like a specific usecase for a very specific crowd of people
  8. I would love to think you're right, but when you get down to it people watch tv (in whatever form it is provided) because it takes very little effort, not because it is the most entertaining That doesn't mean HMDs don't stand a chance, but I think AR really has a much better shot for mass adoption; both because people don't have to move all their furniture out of the way & because [maybe this is just me] I think on some level most people would prefer not to be regularly going about doing shit while practically blindfolded even if it's in their own home When you look at VR as it's
  9. Hey so I usually don't like to bump my threads unless I've got something to show but oh well Firstly, sort of antithetical to the point of this post but a short changelog; ( starting from my last post in this thread ) bunch of new textures & started modelling large parts of the exterior re-...structured(?) a number of large textures, to reduce wasted space & increase texture density on models + general model improvements fixed second floor dimensions reconnected building exterior and interior I'd like to expand on that last point a bit, but I'm gonna
  10. The props likely aren't overexposed - by which I mean it's not a lighting issue Since you say te textures are ''mostly white'', I'm gonna assume you mean actually white, not light grey. You can darken the props by overlaying a grey tint in the editor, like you did with the containers, you can use $color2 in the vmt, or edit the texture.
  11. Very nice, but could you include some more information about the changes?
  12. Hated it enough to binge through over a hundred hours of it Well, no, obviously - but what is there to say? Yea, it's got a nice atmosphere, and if it didn't run so fuckawfully I might even compliment the charming visuals They're not negatives, exactly, anyway. it's more like things I thought could be improved, I guess I suppose it's not the right way to view things that I'm not personally involved with - but, well, I do
  13. Retrospective upon having finished the main plotline; - gold is far too abundant / the trader lacks expensive items. Hell, if he just sold basic shit like feathers at exorbitant prices at least it'd still serve a function - ''new item / recipe'' messages kind of slip by too quickly sometimes, might be nice to have a more fleshed-out ''progress/recipe book'' in-game rather than just a text log of the crow messages so players don't have to meta it out glancing at the wiki - the lack of vertical input in melee attacks can make it quite annoying fighting on sloped surfaces - ca
  14. I started listening to Critical Role a few months ago, it's great background noise Was going through a lot of audiobooks earlier in lockdown, but I'd lose the plot way too often if I had to focus on something for a second. This plotline moves so slowly it's nearly impossible for that to happen
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