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  1. Hello! I'm Sam, a soundtrack composer who loves bringing stories and games to life with music! I specialize in orchestral and ambient/electronic pieces, and have three years of experience writing full albums for clients. My last project was composing background music for a tabletop RPG campaign, and now I'm looking for work to fill in the summer, from July to September. If you'd like to hear what I've written it's all on my website, www.samwilliamssound.co.uk. I'll also be posting more tracks in different styles below as time goes on. Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] to inquire about rates or ask questions! Examples of previous work: Sorcery of Mnemon - an epic orchestral piece for a climactic battle: https://soundcloud.com/samwilliamssound/lightly-exalted-sorcery-of-mnemon Earth Rebels - an electronic track to provide backing for a 2D futuristic shooter: https://soundcloud.com/samwilliamssound/earth-rebels-level-background The Realm - a theme to introduce an imperious kingdom in a fantasy world: https://soundcloud.com/samwilliamssound/lightly-exalted-the-realm
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