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  1. So I ran around your map for some time and this is what I would focus on: 1. I Think Gameplay-wise having this kind of close combat and such small hallways doesnt go well. I would restructure most of that, to create better areas and hallways indoors. 2. I think outdoors is maybe a bit too open or needs some more cover/props, compared to inside were some props felt unnecessary or just for the purpose of having some (like the two frames, after going up the stairs from t-spawn). So i think some cover would help, because right now it feels like there are very long sightlines and not much holding spots 3. I do also believe the two bombsites being kind of close might form a problem, it feels like if you plant at one site, the ct would already be there to retake (too fast). 4. The position on top of the house might be extremly op, i would be careful implementing that 5. I think T-Spawn needs to be flattend out and needs shorter grass. 6. The map has a lot of glass and wallbangable stuff. I think the aquarium in the larger area is totally fine and quite unique which i like, but it's maybe too much glass everywhere, so that there are too many angles to be careful of. Anyways these are some of my notesfor improvement for the map, but i can only say so much. I do still think your map has great potential and looks really fancy and visually pleasing already, but I do really recommend doing a playtest, I think it would help you focus on improvement areas for the map and give you a good feel of how the map is played, which can help it immensly.
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