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    Do you think they'll ever redesign office? Hostage maps aren't played competitively and office suffers from a 2/3 T-sidedness IIRC. I like the theme of the map. but not so much the execution. If they do revamp it I think it's likely it'll spend ages out of the game like Aztec has, though.
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    Unlikely given that hostage maps arnt going to be used in the active duty and there for they gain nothing by remaking it. Unless they want to set the comp community on fire by adding hostage maps into the active duty, it which case it would be the one they would do it with. 
    Largely though, aside from Vertigo I dont think well be seeing Aztec or Dust return, itll be -mirage or -overpass when cache returns. Maybe theyll try cobble again, doubtful though. Id hope we would see the hostage maps remade after they get through with all the Active Duty maps, but I think that once the remake Overpass or Mirage itll be the end of remakes, possibly the end of Valve maps, minus new DZ maps.
    Id like to see them throw some community maps into the active duty, but I dont see that happening after the absolute fit the community threw when they added Vertigo.
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    If you can, pick this up now! FromSoftware is one of the few studios out there making video games with no bullshit smeared all over it, it's worth supporting this kind of creations man!
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    well that's basically all I played dark souls for lol, the (mini-)bosses. Best part for me. Will pick it up on sale
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    Yeah it's honestly not too much like Dark Souls.. It seems to be much more boss/mini-boss oriented. Obviously DS/BB had big boss fights, but nowhere near the amount and density that Sekiro has. It's really good fun. I think the combat is better tbh, it's more about parrying than dodging/blocking.
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    I've never played any Souls games (although I've played Bloodborne for a few hours) and I'm enjoying Sekiro a lot!
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