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    [CS:GO] Depot

    On just the first look on it, to me it seems pretty CT-sided. for example if a Ct player with AWP holds a corner. picks one T and then pulls back for a different corner. Really standard plays for AWP player. There are a lot of corners such a player can hold before the T's can even reach a bombsite.
  2. I understand that it is hard to see how these layers come together. Here is a updated version of the radar total and of all layers of them seperate: currently i'm seeing if all of the timings are a good. Also, there are 4 total hostage spots which i will later reveal because of possible change...
  3. Kind of finished the first layout... Top Layer (CT spawn): Middle Layer: Bottom Layer (T & hostage spawns):
  4. I thought i was able to rename this topic to remove the [WIP]. I can't find it anywhere anymore XDD... plz help....
  5. i just started to work on an idea for a hostage map. it is themed in the drainage system of a fueling company on a port. Rumors are going around that the 20 largest ships in the world are polluting as much as all of the cars in the world... And besides that, there are companies that refine nuclear waste into the fuel for these ships... This seemed a pretty good scenario for me.. here are some pictures of the first work i've done..
  6. Final update before the deadline Version 1.07 Biggest update: - Added cubemaps Other changes: -added a fence in front of the hedge near bombsite A -added a rope with a sign between the fences in the garden -added some more aesthetic props and decals in the map -replaced some more textures with others which are more suited for that spot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B site: A site: Mid: T spawn: CT spawn: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- maybe after a good rating i'll further improve and adapt the map based on the given feedback.
  7. @Vaya Sorry that i couln't be there.. Thanks for the feedback anyway
  8. Small update before the playtesting tonight. Version 1.06 - improved the lighting so the shadows aren't as dark anymore - retextured some buildings with brighter textures so the map would be brighter - added an elevated part for T's to peak MID
  9. This is what the numbers are in the pictures, brightness is 520... Also 3kliksphilip made a video of it how bright textures improve the brightness of the level. I've tested it in some areas and it worked, but the level would feel less realistic with all those bright textures.. Maybe brightness color would make a difference to make it more yellow instead of what it is now?
  10. yeah i know, i've tried a lot of different things to brighten them up, but none of the things i tried worked. Any suggestions?
  11. Uh, one more question... How do i need to place these files to get them to work in hammer? I was watching some tutorials about it but they all were about custom made models...
  12. I've looked into any possibilities for more vertical difference on the left side of the map. I came to the conclusion that MID had some potential in this case. So i started trying something and it came out pretty well i would say. Here is the result...
  13. Hi, Does there happen to be a platform where i can freely browse for any props that i can use in CSGO SDK? I don't know how to model my own props and it would help me a lot building my map.
  14. (I think you mean the pictures that i've posted you are talking about) no those are from my map, just to let you see how it is coming along..
  15. Yes there was a playtesting session about 2 months ago. I just submitted it for another playtest, possibly occuring on december 24th. Hope to see you there
  16. NEW UPDATE! Version 1.05 Bombsite A: - removed 1 box and replaced it with pallets CT spawn: - added some props T spawn: - added some props Texturing: - finished almost all of the texturing of the map Radar: - updated the radar Lighting: - added some lights on dark spots Player models: - switched CT models to FBI - switched T models to Specialist ---------------------------------------- Future plans: - re-design some area's that are 'low quality' - add cubemaps - optimizing the lighting in the map
  17. New Update! Version 1.04 Bombsite A: - fixed the bot stuck-spot on the bombsite. - moved the one-way drop fence closer to the bombsite. Bombsite B: - made upper B wider and added some cover. Texturing: - textured the building outside of A main. - textured the structure on bombsite A. - textured upper B. Radar: - Used TAR to create a new radar image. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Planning to put it up for playtesting again since it had some layout changes. Visit the workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1714359881
  18. NEW UPDATE! I just updated the map, implemented some of the feedback received last sunday at the playtesting. Patch notes are available on the steam page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1714359881 I'm searching for someone who can model custom props. I don't have any idea to do that. If you know someone, please send him my steam profile (link in bio) and ask him to message me... For now have fun with the update..
  19. Got a lot of feedback from the playtesting yesterday. i'll try to implement as much as possible to make the map as good as i can. probably submitting a second playtest for more feedback in a couple of weeks.. TY all for the feedback!!
  20. New Update Released: link to map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1714359881 --------------------------------------- Bombsite A:- Added cover for T's on the road- replaced the greybox site with props (not finished yet)- Added a bench with some plantsBombsite B:- Added options to throw grenades from long B to site- Added plants on the siteTexturing:-Added textures and props to the bombsites and the area's around itRadar:-Added a radar image for more pictures please visit the workshop page.
  21. Yeah, it was kind of the first name i came up with.. might change it if better ideas come up
  22. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1714359881 In a peaceful town that was build around an old church, which now is rebuild to a hotel, were multiple protests against industrialisation and the destroying of the nature. Some individuals want to draw more attention to this small town. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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