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  1. Freedom Games Game: Project Toll 3D Character Animator & 3D Artist (Foliage/Natural Props) Needed *Completely Remote Work, Revenue Shared Model with possibility of funding Project Toll is a Colonial American survival horror game with a focus on advanced AI and stealth that progressively gets harder as you play. The game is a fictional take on the historical events of the Roanoke Colony (Lost Colony) that took place from 1585-1590 in today's Dare County, North Carolina. Timeline: 9 month project Experience: Share over 30 years of business experience in and out of the game industry to include multiple AAA titles. Positions To Fill: 3D Character Animator & 3D Artist (Foliage/Natural Props) Needed Positions Already Filled: Producer/Creative Director; Lead Programmer/Technical Director; 3D Environmental Artist; 3D Character Modeler/Concept Artist; Entry-Level 3D Artist; Sound/Music Design Team Tools/Software Used: Unreal Engine; Modeling/Animating/Rigging:(Artist Discretion); Art/Graphic Design:(Artist Discretion); Version Control:GitHub; Project Management Tool:Asana If you interested or have any questions/concerns, please email me at: [email protected] The quickest way to get a hold of me is via email. Or respond/message me here, or you can find me in Discord: MatthewGD#2789
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