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  1. If this is your first map, I'm excited to see whats to come. I cant comment too much on balance since i dont really play wingman, but i think its a cool theme like a slightly industrial version of dust.
  2. Hey MapCore! Long time lurker here, with my first post and my first real attempt at a defuse map. It's still in the pretty early stages, and the layout is very basic. But since I'm a novice I figured I would try and keep things simple. And I'm sure everyone is over the orange dev textures, but for some reason they're more inspiring to me than the grayscale ones. I'll be sure to swap them out if I put it up for a playtest though. Workshop Link I have a couple of questions... first and foremost; Do you recommend that I have it playtested and make balance changes and such despite the chances of this map seeing actual server time being next to zero, or should I just disregard balance and go on to detailing for the sake of experience and (hopefully) to finish something? secondly, this one is kind of trivial but how do you come up with better cover than crates and barrels? how do you know what props are available? and do you map out the geometry knowing exactly what prop you'll be putting in around the map or do you just have a general idea and then wing it once the brushes are in place. finally, if there are any glaring issues or any constructive criticism feel free to point me in the right direction. Pictures:
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