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  1. Hey JorisCeoen! Thank you for that reply. That's very kind of you . That particular track was used for a boss fight. It was both challenging and fun to create it. Considering the virus situation and that Belgium seems to have high numbers according to https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/, I hope all is well there.
  2. Website: www.musicbyjoao.com Contact Info: [email protected] Hey guys! I just finished composing for a video game and a, looking forward to compose music to new projects . Here you have a couple videos of some projects I worked on that shows the extent of my work (from small to bigger): For more music and videos, please refer to my website I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
  3. COVID-19 update:Hello gaming community. I hope you are all well during this strange and unique time where the whole world is experiencing/fighting the same thing at the same time.During this time, artists have been providing some relief for people who are not used to work from home by uploading some original content. I believe it is important to keep busy and help others so, 2 weeks ago, for that reason, I started to dedicate a small amount of time during the week to produce a music track with a dedicated video and uploaded to the web once a week. I'm taking this very light heartedly and am using only what I have available in my room and collaborating with a few musician friends.I uploaded the first video 2 weeks ago and I will update this thread with a 3rd one later today as I just need to finish the video. My only goal is to provide a light hearted escape for 2 minutes for a few of you. Hope you enjoy:Video#2 Video#1 -------------- Website: www.musicbyjoao.com Contact Info: [email protected] Hey guys! I recently finished an indie video game called Nocturne: Prelude (on Steam), an ad and a track for Vivaldi Metal Project (a project that includes artists from bands like Dream Theater, Megadeth, among others).Just wanted to post here to let you know that I am currently available. For more information about myself, please check my website at www.musicbyjoao.com. There, you can watch and listen to some of my work and access some of my referrals. My contact is [email protected] . Bellow is a reel I just uploaded for all purpose writing, it includes both film and games: Latest game videos on Youtube, recently released where the music was composed by myself: For more music and videos, please refer to my website I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
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