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  1. recently bought Red Dead Redemption 2 just wanted to save up some money with the black friday deals, and they have veeery good prices for other stuff too
  2. Pharad

    Star Wars

    so I guess it's not worth it to expect a lot
  3. Pharad

    Black Mirror

    I don't know about that, it would still look creepy...
  4. Watched Grand Budapest this evening, I so feel guilty for not watching this earlier. The storyline and the setup is fantastic
  5. Congrats!! What kind of job did you get?
  6. Already have it on preorder, now the only thing left is waiting. And I really fail at that xD If only there was like some sort of simulator on which I could test the 1 billion guns they've promised. xD Would start now, and grind for 18/7 straight until the official release no kiddin. Cheers!
  7. Yeah would make for a great film franchise! Not necessarily a film franchise but definitely has potential maybe after a year or so, of constant updating it will even be worth a serious look.
  8. https://www.eneba.com/blog/borderlands-3-might-have-a-cross-platform-co-op-mode/ Hope this is true, cross-platform is the way to go. I guess that's more because im the sole PC gamer amongst a group of console friends lol
  9. Playing Mortal Kombat 11, yes I pre-ordered it, yes, it was worth it.
  10. There is still a Sengoku Sale going on, not for long tho, but you can get some Dark Souls 3 for pennies!
  11. This taking off would be great for the regular gamer folk as well! This seems like the future of gaming, either you learn to adapt or fall of the radar.
  12. I was pretty much sold on the game before it released, played it extensively from January 15th onwards. It is probably one of the best horror games ever as far as scaring the crap out of the player is concerned! I have even written a blog providing a few tips and tricks for the game, it is spoiler-free as far as that's concerned. Any critique guys? https://www.eneba.com/blog/resident-evil-2-guide-and-tips-to-crush-the-game/
  13. Do you guys feel that this game is better than Anthem tho? Feel like giving one of them a chance, found Metro: Exodus slightly cheaper than the original price of $60 and kinda feel it might be worth a pop.
  14. I mean, No Man's Sky took a couple of years to become good, there's still hope for Anthem, however, it will need some more work done for sure!
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