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  1. millo

    de_princess (WIP)

    It does help players learn the map but if you have a map that has a lot of tight angles and indoor sections, your chokepoints are all doomed to be L-shaped. I'm not sure if my map is like that yet but if it does I will want to fix it.
  2. millo

    de_princess (WIP)

    Yes there are a lot of flat right angle turns or interesting geometry and not a lot of height variation, just like Cache.
  3. millo

    de_princess (WIP)

    I have removed the path in the top left as it was pretty much useless but I believe that the other 2 pathways you showed can be useful at the start of the round and end of the round. Maybe my mind will change in time, but I feel that for the most part they don't hinder gameplay too much.
  4. millo

    de_princess (WIP)

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1690431421 Hello everyone! This is my first map for CS:GO which I am calling de_princess! It is still quite early on in terms of theme but it is loosely based on the medieval German village Rottenburg am Neckar. You can see this inspiration at CT Spawn with the buildings. Overall, I am not too attached to the theme and will be prepared to change it if it will be easier for me to complete as although I believe I am alright at detailing environments, I know I'm not good at making buildings/houses. Please, play the map and tell me what you think! There are more images on the Steam Workshop page.
  5. millo

    Yanzl's Source Emporium

    Thank you for clearing up how to use it. I've never used Substance Player before but I'll try my best to figure out how to use it and get it working well.
  6. millo

    Yanzl's Source Emporium

    @Yanzl how do you use the Radar Generator? I must be missing something as I don't know how to use it.