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    CD PROJEKT RED Level Designer [Cyberpunk 2077]

    thanks Unfortunately, it is not an entry level positon
  2. Hi people! We are looking for additional Level Designer who will join our team in Krakow and will make with us Cyberpunk 2077. Our Level Design team is mainly responsible for designing, prototyping, iterating on and polishing in-game levels, including level geometry, enemy encounters, and other gameplay elements, using our proprietary level editor (environment is handled by the different team, quests/missions are also made by another team) . We are looking for someone who already has experience working on levels in FPS/RPG games, is able to use game editors and likes Cyberpunk genre and we need this person to start work before June, so probably only people with the ability to work legally (without a visa) in EU can be on time You can read more about this position (and send your application) here: http://smrtr.io/ZNxG To encourage you I wanted to put a photo of our cool view from windows but it's really greasy outside today, so at least I will write that trees are growing ap. 2 meters from our windows so you can imagine you are almost in the middle of the forest