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  1. @JollyHolly @MikeGon Sorry my bad! I temporarily removed the link so I could do some tweaking to the site in the mean time, but then I completely forgot to re-upload it! So here it is https://www.jamesdesignsgames.com/
  2. Hey! I just recently finished a few projects of mine and have now finally been able to put them all into my portfolio All feedback and criticism is welcomed, interested to see whether formatting is readable and if my documentation comes across as too long/boring Thank you!
  3. Thanks for taking the time to look over @TheOnlyDoubleF ! Yeah the 'case studies' and 'game modes' are purposely disabled at the moment as I wanted to get feedback on my DodgeBrawl section before diving into those other projects
  4. Hi there! I am currently half way through my portfolio and was hoping I could get a bunch of fresh eyes to take a look over. Any comments about format or how I have communicated my design process across would be hugely appreciated! The section I have completed is the 'DodgeBrawl' section, the reason I am sharing it here now is so I can gain feedback on whether or not my structure for that section is good enough for me to apply it to my other upcoming projects. Feel free to send as much criticism as possible! Thanks https://www.jamesdesignsgames.com/
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