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  1. BetterChoice

    Shutter [WIP]

    Dear mappers, this is de_shutter, my first map I made in Source. I have no idea what to say here yet... So big shoutout to TopHATTwaffle for the best Hammer Tutorials on the internet! All you see - after you decided to subscribe my map in the workshop and give it a try - is in an ongoing change and mostly very experimental. Please don't judge too hard - feedback appreciated! Some words about the theme: I'm trying to create an old prison, wich is currently under construction to be renovated. Terrorists invade the facility in its weakest state, to blow it up once and forever. Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=908266016 Greetings, BetterChoice : )
  2. BetterChoice


    Potentially de_train2?
  3. I see a lot of potential there! Just keep goin and don't forget to playtest
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