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  1. Hello, Sergey! We received your CV, it's really impressive and our Managing Director is now checking the information. It's standard procedure for us to contact previous employers of the candidate, but sometimes it takes time (to be honest we're still waiting for answer from Rock Pocket Games). The game is on UE4, it's sort of narrative RPG, singleplayer, SciFi (Space theme). Duration of contract and salary range depends on the experience and availability of the candidate, and will be discussed personally with each on the interview. Thanks for your patience and attitude!
  2. What would you like to know?
  3. We're looking for a small team on new space game in development (or talented individuals) Game developer (UE4) + Level Designer + Concept Artist. Remote work, in-time payments! For questions and portfolios [email protected]
  4. Are you passionate about games and the craft of level design? Do you take initiative and find creative solutions to complex problems? Are you devoted to creating great game-play experience and memorable game worlds? Responsibilities · Create immersive game-play scenarios that support and enhance the core mechanics and creative vision of the game; · Ensure a memorable game where form follows function through close collaboration with Level Art, Narrative and other disciplines; · Collaborate with the team to define and tweak game mechanics; · Integrate content produced by other disciplines for your designs into the game engine (game-play elements, AI, sound, special effects…); · Conduct game-play evaluations, and provide feedback and suggestions to help fine-tune and improve the game; · Locate and fix bugs; Qualifications · Minimum of 2-3 years game development experience is preferable · Experience with various engines (Unreal Engine, Unity 3D), design production tools and level editing pipelines · Design pipeline/asset optimization skills · Positive CAN-DO attitude, strong work ethic and team player · Excellent English communication skills, both verbal and written · Requirement: Degree or certificate with artistic talent and relevant experience If you qualify, kindly send your CV to [email protected]
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