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  1. JasonStarr

    High Life

    Not horror, but about the cosmos, I do not know what came over me) I wrote such a bluff :D
  2. JasonStarr

    Ghostbusters 3

    How do I enrage those who write that there should be a female composition. He was not bad, I liked it, but it didn’t compare with the original film.
  3. I know for sure these programmers in these companies are top notch: https://hackernoon.com/top-video-game-development-companies-in-the-world-da64c9816e33 Try to appeal to them with your project.
  4. JasonStarr

    What have you watched recently?

    The man of the future began to watch the show, oh, so vulgar, but so funny;)
  5. JasonStarr

    John Wick

    I adore Keanu, he is just great;)
  6. JasonStarr

    High Life

    It looks very good, only something about space again! After Interstellar, I don’t really believe in horror space films.