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  1. JasonStarr

    High Life

    Not horror, but about the cosmos, I do not know what came over me) I wrote such a bluff :D
  2. JasonStarr

    Ghostbusters 3

    How do I enrage those who write that there should be a female composition. He was not bad, I liked it, but it didn’t compare with the original film.
  3. The man of the future began to watch the show, oh, so vulgar, but so funny;)
  4. JasonStarr

    John Wick

    I adore Keanu, he is just great;)
  5. JasonStarr

    High Life

    It looks very good, only something about space again! After Interstellar, I don’t really believe in horror space films.
  6. Honestly speaking, I haven't watched a movie for a long time, except the video on YouTube. In Fortnaite, 10 million people watched a DJ concert. Here is a tin.
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