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    [CSGO] Night Mode

    Can't play 'Night Mode' gamemode in the new COD game because i can't afford it, so i created one in CSGO instead. Map: This map is supposed to be a deathmatch map. but, i added a bombsite. The title pretty much sums up the map. In this small map, Footstep is the key. So, if someone is running around, they will have a high chance of being spotted. Nightvision: The map is too dark. You will need a Night Vision Goggles. Sadly, with this limited vision, you cannot take it off. if you could, it'll be dark anyway, so it'll be pointless. Player View Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/9mUbuGm Map Screenshots (including minimap): https://imgur.com/a/93h2fn8 Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1941174961 Behind the scene:
  2. Thanks! Flowers is the main reason I'm back at mapping!
  3. Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1856054230 Nuclear bomb found in Flume's Flower Park. It was T's. While the police is trying to investigate it, they know that Ts is trying to detonate it manually. So they called CTs for backup. CTs arrived at the same time as Ts arrived. And so, the story begins... Screenshots: Radar: (Thanks Terri for your Auto Radar Generator!)
  4. SmityHead


    I've made a dz map set in snowy island before. but, i discontinued it. If you need backup, contact me anytime through discord
  5. Here's the TAR version. I wont continue this map other than updating the visuals.
  6. Yup, the outdoor buildings are ugly and meant for decorations. I can update it when i got time.
  7. No it isnt. Just found it on my texture browser so why not use it I have another name for this map in mind. I use the name downtown just for a temporary time. Itll change in future update
  8. Workshop Available for a Play Test https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1714784015 Imgur Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/1WaM5Dm
  9. yeah, ive thinked about it. Ive decided to make it an ordinary town map with cafes and stores all over the area.
  10. Now im safe to say that the layout is final. No more changes except for covers and props. Im still thinking of a good theme. Right now im working on a Dust theme since the map almost look like Dust2's 4 square layout.
  11. Forgot to tell you, there is a 3th entryway Same as Dust2 But i dont feel like Dust2 & Inferno's third entryway count. because, theyre literally close to each other
  12. Having 3 entryway to a single bombsite makes the map uncompetitive, Especially for CT's. Bombsite B has 3 entryway (from ct, b long & b short). And bombsite A is supposed to be a one way crouded area. Kinda like Dust2's Bombsite B and Inferno's Banana. About explosive barrels, theyre unique for me. i dont know, ill remove it sometime when the map is finish.
  13. Looks fantastic! Making a danger zone map is really hard. I stopped working on my danger zone map after i barely finished with the layout lmao
  14. This map is still WIP, i only use dev textures. The layout is finished. I just need to decorate the map. But before that, i wanna hear your opinions about what this map would be. My thoughts is to make this map a Dust theme or Inferno theme map. Heres the layout: Ive tried to make this map a 2x2 square layout. The ones i yellowed are indoors. Screenshots:
  15. Major update to the map! It is no longer WIP! although this map isn't in final release state, im still polishing it and make it look finish as possible. Hope you enjoyed! Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1642337227
  16. SmityHead

    Residence Rescue

    This map should've been on the official csgo maps because it is so damn creative! Really great map and i love the bridge concept!
  17. Making the bombsite floating is some next level stuff! Awesome map
  18. Dude, your map is soo good that it reminds me of my good old times playing in cs 1.6 where me and my friends always play on a cave, desert looking map. Great job!
  19. SmityHead

    [CS:GO] de_luxville

    Hello everyone! Note that this is my first ever map that i've finished. Its not fully finish i could update it sometimes to add more detail to it. This map layout is actually a layout from another game map, Point Blank. I thought it would be really cool if i make it to csgo, and now here it is. Now im not gonna do the exact look of the actual game, that would be pretty boring. A little feedback would be nice! Screenshots: Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1633729984 Hope you enjoyed my first map
  20. Looking forward to see the final result! Great map man
  21. I'm really, REALLY sorry about the mistitled post! It should've been an aim map or deathmatch map and not defusal map! Im feel terible for it, im really sorry! I know aim maps are underrated maps but dont worry, i have plenty of maps i really wanted to make! (yes, plenty of em) btw, heres my WIP overview for the map (PS its terible because i dont know advanced things about making level overview and also the map is really unfinish at all) Again, really sorry for the mistitled post and i will not do this mistake in the future
  22. SmityHead

    [CSGO] aim_temple

    Dude! you have created the best aim map ever! Im a huge fan of de_aztec and this map brings that feels to it!
  23. Thanks for the fast feedback, i have the layout finished a week ago and now i need to detail all of those greybox and yellowboxes! Thank you for the feedback! I will post W.I.P overview soon! Yup, i know that adding too much details before even finishing stuff makes compile slower. But, i couldn't resist to put it cuz i have so much things in my mind to put on the level
  24. Greetings everyone! Before reviewing my maps, i need to give you a note. I am a beginner at map making, so im sorry if you're unsatisfied with my map. And this is my first ever post on Map Core. Please excuse me if im wrong or not. My idea is to create a separate building between CT sided to T sided. Before i was thinking to make it a defusal gamemode but the more i think about it, it doesnt make sense because the Terorist and Counter-Terorist will see each other at the same time before the CT got into the bombsite. Please give a feedback about it, i will appreciate all of your replies Screenshots T - Building: T Spawn Lobby Vending Restroom Middle (The Road) : Pedestrian Bridge (Foot Bridge) Sidewalk Nuclear Tube ( Under the bridge ) The rest of the map (Including CT sided building) is still being worked on. Workshop Link and Map Layout will be available after the map is fully textured -EDIT- (2 February 2019) The map is released and it is playable! Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1642337227
  25. Man, you put a lot of effort into this map and it looks more beautiful than the official CS:GO maps. Nice work man
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