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    TearsOfPirates reacted to That50'sGuy in What's going on with your life?   
    So after 6 months of constant searching, I've landed a job interview! Wish me luck, because my little brother won't stop asking me to go bowling, yet I can't afford it ūüėā.
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to blackdog in Cryptocurrencies + Video Games   
    I would expect experts in crypto to suggest ideas of useful usage of crypto in games?
    If all goes back to micro transactions I am inclined to say: nobody likes micro transactions.
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to MikeGon in Anthem and the peculiarities of modern monetization.   
    The thing with their own "not interested" functions is that you don't know how they interpret that under the hood... maybe they apply that to the category as a whole and often you may want to do a more surgical thing.
    Seriously that extension is really good, you just type in specific strings or names of channels that make trash and BOOM gone. What's funny is that garbage youtube video usually have the same title structure for clickbait, so it's super easy to clean them up. Like if you type in "Fiverr" you remove all the "I paid 5 [job title]s on Fiverr to [task]" glorified ads
    As another example, if you put in "Minecraft" and "Fortnite" you remove like 75% of the internet
    Now I wish they add one for audio... like as soon as it picks up the word "subscribe" "bell" or "Patreon", skip ahead 30sec.
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to blackdog in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    So his appearances in his videos are deep fakes? Now all makes sense!
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to Vaya in [CS:GO] de_sonora   
    Awful framerates pretty much everywhere. Dipping way under 100 in areas.
    I have a  AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 3.8GHz + a 1660TI. I run on full settings (which gives me 300fps on most maps)
    Map is quite simply 'over detailed' in places. It's very busy on the eyes, there's too much cover. Skybox and lighting doesn't help either. Simplify.
    The whole 'crash' scene in spawn is weird and quite ugly.
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to Radu in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Trying to finish this FC5 map "this week":

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    TearsOfPirates reacted to fewseb in What's going on with your life?   
    I spent way to much time on this

    This would have taken less then an hour if the pictures of Shawn showing any form of facial expression werent 240p quality.
    Feel free to use that btw, hopefully Vince Gilligan wont sue us.
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to FMPONE in Mapcore Discord   
    remembering that I literally responded to a bot in this thread

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    TearsOfPirates reacted to fewseb in [CS:GO] Crossfire Remake   
    Does it really matter if its too noisy? Its not like anyone whos going to play it is going to be ultra-competitive, its half-life deathmatch for csgo, if he wants to like nice and worn down like Black Mesa, let him, too much uniformity is unnatural with concrete installations in the middle of a desert. The textures could be better sure, but this isnt a competitive map, its a fun side project and that means it doesnt have to have ultra-clean near white walls like every other "competetive" map that has come out in the past 3 years.
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to Interfearance in [CSGO] de_ruby   
    I was wondering if you still have the original drawings of the concept for this map? That would be sick to see even though its been years.
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to Roald in Resistance   
    So I am very exited to announce that @jakuza and @untor are going to do a art pass for this map!  
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to Ringel in [cs:go] de_urbany [5v5 & Wingman]   
    The great success of de_urbany:

    Valve should remove the dislike-button..
    Normally you rarely get dislikes no matter wheter your map is good or bad.
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to Radu in de_princess (WIP)   
    It's me, de_prince, let's func_detail our brushes together.
  15. Awesome
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to michal3210 in [CS:GO] dz_junglety (Danger Zone)   
    Map is released!
    Every feedback will be appreciated!
    I'm working alone on one of the biggest projects in my life! I'm trying to make danger zone map. I want to show you some my work!
    My idea is tropical style, I haven't seen similar style in CS:GO yet.
    On the map you will be able to explore a lot of regions:  beaches, tropical villages, bamboo platform, cliffs, and planning also some caves and more!
    I realize, that there probably will be a lot of bugs, because It's very hard to make huge danger zone map without bugs, so I'm really looking for testers, if someone is interested in, just invite me on steam.

    Models and textures some are self-made, and some I Have bought on sites with models
    Here's some screenshots from some map regions








    PS: I don't know if Valve support this mode already, but I love making open worlds! and I wanted to try myself.
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to Radu in [CS:GO][Wingman] Terraza   
    Changed the lighting to be closer to noon so it's less washed and has more contrast. Also, updated the screenshots with some better angles. Gonna keep updating this slowly.

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    TearsOfPirates reacted to Mocherad in [Source 2] De_dust 2   
    Oh damn, another year gone.. Jesus lost my motivation again, and again i've changed the art style to Low Poly  - how it was year ago - 

    half year ago 


    It's challange of my life guys, i should finish it finally! 
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to Apeyou in DE_TENEMENT   
    Is this necessary? If you really want to talk about politics (although I think you're a troll), please don't do it here. I'm all for a nice discussion but this is getting ridiculous.
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to Roald in Resistance   
    Well I was trying a few brick textures on one dev wall... and then I found one and just started detailing the whole building¬†ūüėÖ¬†So a first art pass on this area then:

    Will have to smoothen the curved path, haven't done much work on the floor since I quickly made it for the screenshots
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to fewseb in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Decoy gang bruh, get your grandpa-style flash bangs outa here.
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to +Rusty+ in The random model thread!   
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to untor in [CS:GO] Residence [Waterfall]   
    Waterfall Content

    Free to use for non-commercial work, as long as you give me credit. 


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    TearsOfPirates reacted to zastels in I'll Pay to recreate The Specialist on Source properly   
    The Specialist 2019 Source Mod Application Requirements: 
    1. You must have a job in real life and not enough time to join the Mod team and contribute anything. No jobless Liberals may join the team. I only want people to join my team who are currently being crushed by work life and unable to properly contribute. These are the only people in the world with value that can help me. 
    2. You must accept my tyrannical rule, I know better than all of you. I will overrule you. I am a carpenter and already skilled in telling people what to do. I could build 1000 houses in less time for Black Mesa to release a single update. Good things do not take decades to produce, these people are undisciplined and are not welcome to join my mod team. We landed on the moon in less time than Black Mesa took to release, that mod team can go fuck itself. That mindset can go fuck itself. No Socialists are welcome to join the mod team. 
    3. You must bitch and complain regularly about everything. I want back the old days where everyone had a brilliant idea that everyone else hated. No fucking Liberal ideas designed to appease everyone. This game is going to be fun for me first, and the rest of you second. You will be able to lone wolf, and win. I hope that makes you cry, Liberals. I'm going to STEAL MECKLENBURG AND RERELEASE IT. 
    4. I am going to take public domain contributions and repurpose them. Gun models, sounds, player models, ect. I'm not making a bunch of new shit for no reason. I'm also not asking anyone for their permission to redistribute, they can have attribution paid and that's it. Public domain. Time is money. If you take offense to this, you likely have no idea how to read a tape measure and are a Liberal. 
    5. Vino, unless he matches me dollar for dollar, is fired. 
    I was looking to pay a programmer to get the ball rolling so I could recreate The Specialist on Source. I'm only considering Source, no other engine is good enough ‚ÄĒ if you disagree I don't care you're probably clueless.¬†
    I wanted to use this as a starting point:
    Because Double Action is dead, I want to take over where it left off and I want to strip some stuff out, add a few things, and focus on making it fun offline against bots. I just need a good programmer that I can afford, and I will fill in the rest with my own skill sets. The idea is to release the mod in a state where everyone can properly contribute to it, unlike DA which nobody can contribute to and is dead.
    I'll pay for the following:
    Mod Rebrand - New name and main menu
    Map Workshop integration 
    Removal of achievements 
    Adding and/or refining movement features like climbing ledges, mantling objects, tweaking existing movement.
    Refining baseline mechanics of 1 pistol, 1 smg, 1 shotgun
    Integrating bot parameters and modifying FGD for ease of creating single player scenarios against bots.
    That's it, if I can check off these boxes I will release the mod with some new fun maps and have a decent Beta 1. The reason I am doing this is because I think video games suck, and I know that everyone wants The Specialists to come back alive. If you want to join the project as a programmer, time and money is all I want to know. Anyone else is free to join this project, do not send me your resume or portfolio I do not give a shit. I'm only paying the programmer, the rest is volunteer. If you want to make a map, go right ahead. 
    P.S. I fucking hate video games. If you hate video games too, then this is the project for you. I just want to release this, reach top 10 most played on Steam, and then tell Gabe Newell that he should fire himself. 
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    TearsOfPirates reacted to Interfearance in DE_TENEMENT   
    Can't wait till this guy releases dust 2 for csgo
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