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    G__R reacted to Interfearance in 3D Printing   
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    G__R reacted to RaVaGe in 3D Printing   
    Bought this little baby one year ago
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    G__R reacted to [HP] in Half-Life Alyx   
    Thank you, next model we're shipping with a strap-on, stay tuned.
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    G__R reacted to AlexM in What's going on with your life?   
    I was lucky enough to be working on my home office for the previous year. Now I'm actually using it. I must say for my line of work WFH makes more sense. Ideally I'd go into the office once or twice a week for design meetings and my general sanity though.
    Anywhoo. Epic just did a video on our company. We use the unreal engine.
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    G__R reacted to blackdog in What's going on with your life?   
    Achievement unlocked: you kept the baby alive for 1 year

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    G__R reacted to Kokopelli in [CS:GO] Cusco   
    Introducing my latest map set in Cusco, Peru.  
    While my first map de_neighbors was born out of a desire to turn a real location into a playable map, I knew I wanted to take a different approach for my next project, specifically one that was born out of good gameplay--the one thing that truly matters. Now that I've experienced a full development cycle (with the exception of making custom assets) and have honed my process, I decided I wanted to do this right and start with an idea.
    I had a few ideas:
    A curved mid A connector that converges with a main entrance to a bombsite site A bombsite that Ts have a vice grip on, but if CTs were to gain control of it, they would put serious flanking pressure on the Ts. A bombsite that CTs could choose to hold proper or push out towards the main routes early to gain more map control before the first encounter.                                                   So I began with some simple pathway flows for the map.

    I finally landed on a flow that incorporated a number of these ideas. Throughout this process I wasn't concerned with figuring out the exact shape of the routes or specific angles. It was more about establishing the general relationship between the routes. Once that got ironed out, I built a general layout in hammer. I then took the simple routes I had and bent and twist them in thoughtful ways to create interesting angles and to adjust timings. I tested the map very frequently, so frequently that I would say I designed the map through playing. I ran around thinking through scenarios, where I wanted to move, where I wanted cover, etc.. I imagined attacks on bombsites, the approaches and how I would want to move throughout the bombsite if I were defending and trying to stay alive as long as possible. I crafted the map angle by angle with the guiding principle of creating as much complexity as I could with the fewest elements possible. CSGO players are really good at breaking new maps, which is why I try to break my map as I'm designing it. The best way I've found is to test it as much as possible. The slightest change could have a cascading effect across the entire map. A silly double boost could break your whole map if you don't catch it early. And you don't want to have to comprise your art later on.
    After dozens of iterations, my notebook doodle eventually turned into this:

    The map was built on gameplay, but I kept my theme in mind throughout. To convey Cusco properly, I knew the map had to have a lot of outdoor areas, some streets, and iconic architecture like the city's stunning cathedrals. This was all very loose in my mind as I was building the layout, but it help keep design decisions in check. Since i wanted to have streets, I knew certain routes had to be a certain size at minimum to be believable. I made sure any indoor areas could believably be shaped into a house or commercial building. Again, all very loose and vague. I didn't want the layout to be too compromised by theme so early. I was more willing to retrofit the architecture to the idea. I must admit it was scary at first, but as I continued and I started pulling some art references, I found things started to just fall in place. The deeper I searched, the more architecture I found that suited the geometry I had built. Over time the map began to separate into distinct areas. 
    Mood Board

    It behooves you as a map designer to get as immersed in your theme as you can. I spent hours just traveling around google maps looking for inspiration. And each time I did, I would return to my greybox with new ideas, new angles and new architecture for what areas could be. It's still evolving.
    I particularly loved the variety of doors around Cusco.

    The greybox will be ready for playtesting very soon (with screenshots to come).
    Let me know your thoughts so far! 
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    G__R reacted to NikiOo in [WIP] Torga   
    Thanks to @CommonCrayon for reminding me of this map's existence. Now that I'm quarantined at home, and now that my exams are postponed, I thought I might have some free time to work on some old maps.
    I stopped working on this map back in July last year because I was beginning my first year in college and didn't have much free time. I might have also hit a creative block cause I found myself constantly switching themes and looking for new gimmicks to inspire me to continue with it. Now I am certain this is the theme I am going to stick with. And by this I mean a Chinese mountain village with rise fields surrounding it. I think I'm onto something with this dark atmosphere, cause I'm really digging it!
    Anyways I thought I'd share some screenshots. Purely for documentation purposes, if anything. Here goes:

    The story is that Riot games, terrified by death threats coming from the CSGO developers, have moved the development team of Valorant to a secret location in the Chinese mountains. The CSGO devs however managed to track them down with their very special computers, which have internet access, and they've now sent a terrorist team to bomb the location, along with the entire studio (which is hidden inside these conveniently shaped 72x72 crates), to halt development. This is only one location, however, I have 3 more maps coming with the backup servers.
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    G__R reacted to JimWood in [CS:GO] Exotic Places Contest TOP 4 WINNERS   
    This beats coming 3rd any day of the week. Don't bother sending my prizes, you've given us enough. 
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    G__R reacted to Yanzl in Basalt   
    A bomb defusal map set in an undisclosed location in Iceland. Unsettling evidence discovered by researchers will foil the terrorists plan for world domination. Unless they can blow it all up...
    The level is designed in a way that it is easy to learn but hard to master. It is compact but offers a lot of depth with clever use of effective elevation changes, boost spots, lines of sight and rigorously tested timings -- ultimately allowing players from both teams to look for encounters that suit their playstyle in a balanced and uniquely beautiful environment.
    By @Yanzl, @'RZL and @Oliver aka The Basalty Boys
    DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984383383 

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    G__R reacted to That50'sGuy in What's going on with your life?   
    So after 6 months of constant searching, I've landed a job interview! Wish me luck, because my little brother won't stop asking me to go bowling, yet I can't afford it 😂.
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    G__R reacted to blackdog in Cryptocurrencies + Video Games   
    I would expect experts in crypto to suggest ideas of useful usage of crypto in games?
    If all goes back to micro transactions I am inclined to say: nobody likes micro transactions.
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    G__R reacted to MikeGon in Anthem and the peculiarities of modern monetization.   
    The thing with their own "not interested" functions is that you don't know how they interpret that under the hood... maybe they apply that to the category as a whole and often you may want to do a more surgical thing.
    Seriously that extension is really good, you just type in specific strings or names of channels that make trash and BOOM gone. What's funny is that garbage youtube video usually have the same title structure for clickbait, so it's super easy to clean them up. Like if you type in "Fiverr" you remove all the "I paid 5 [job title]s on Fiverr to [task]" glorified ads
    As another example, if you put in "Minecraft" and "Fortnite" you remove like 75% of the internet
    Now I wish they add one for audio... like as soon as it picks up the word "subscribe" "bell" or "Patreon", skip ahead 30sec.
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    G__R reacted to blackdog in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    So his appearances in his videos are deep fakes? Now all makes sense!
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    G__R reacted to Vaya in [CS:GO] de_sonora   
    Awful framerates pretty much everywhere. Dipping way under 100 in areas.
    I have a  AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 3.8GHz + a 1660TI. I run on full settings (which gives me 300fps on most maps)
    Map is quite simply 'over detailed' in places. It's very busy on the eyes, there's too much cover. Skybox and lighting doesn't help either. Simplify.
    The whole 'crash' scene in spawn is weird and quite ugly.
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    G__R reacted to FMPONE in The Official Mapcore Anime Fanclub™   
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    G__R reacted to Radu in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Trying to finish this FC5 map "this week":

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    G__R reacted to fewseb in What's going on with your life?   
    I spent way to much time on this

    This would have taken less then an hour if the pictures of Shawn showing any form of facial expression werent 240p quality.
    Feel free to use that btw, hopefully Vince Gilligan wont sue us.
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    G__R reacted to FMPONE in Mapcore Discord   
    remembering that I literally responded to a bot in this thread

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    G__R reacted to fewseb in [CS:GO] Crossfire Remake   
    Does it really matter if its too noisy? Its not like anyone whos going to play it is going to be ultra-competitive, its half-life deathmatch for csgo, if he wants to like nice and worn down like Black Mesa, let him, too much uniformity is unnatural with concrete installations in the middle of a desert. The textures could be better sure, but this isnt a competitive map, its a fun side project and that means it doesnt have to have ultra-clean near white walls like every other "competetive" map that has come out in the past 3 years.
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    G__R reacted to Interfearance in [CSGO] de_ruby   
    I was wondering if you still have the original drawings of the concept for this map? That would be sick to see even though its been years.
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    G__R reacted to Roald in Resistance   
    So I am very exited to announce that @jakuza and @untor are going to do a art pass for this map!  
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    G__R reacted to Ringel in [cs:go] de_urbany [5v5 & Wingman]   
    The great success of de_urbany:

    Valve should remove the dislike-button..
    Normally you rarely get dislikes no matter wheter your map is good or bad.
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    G__R reacted to Radu in de_princess (WIP)   
    It's me, de_prince, let's func_detail our brushes together.
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    G__R reacted to michal3210 in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
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