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    JackT reacted to esspho in Furnace   
    We released another small update and tweaked some things just in time for our slot on the mapcore faceit hubs.

    A big thank-you to all the playtesters! The feedback from last week's match made us change the connector in a way that hopefully gives CTs a stronger position against rushing Ts.

    We added a pillar to the upper canal area for more cover.

    We also went wild with walltags to help with communication and feedback.

    Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.
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    JackT reacted to Minos in Spanish Town - Unreal 4 VR Environment + Tutorial   
    Update time!
    Finished the blockouts, and did a lighting pass. Now onto my favorite part: Texturing

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    JackT reacted to Squidski in Orion Models   
    I finally got around to packaging up all the models I made and/or modified (with perms) for cs_orion.
     The custom materials made for brushes/displacements are not included as I do not have the proper permission to distribute those.
    Some models aren't great so I'm providing them as-is. I won't fix anything but you are free to contact me on Discord (Squidski#9545) if you have any questions about how I did things or why.
    You are free to use these for all non-commercial purposes provided you give me credit in the description, for any commercial usages contact me. A final note, some things in the VMF are scaled up for better viewing, some things have multiple skins, and 90% of the things that are just solid white are tintable. Go crazy and make cool stuff.
    Google Drive download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FrjGU40lf5Odq8lhtQZkkYBiu56issQj/view?usp=sharing

    If anyone downloaded before this message, I had forgot to include a model and have now updated the download link (at 1:44pm EST)
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    JackT reacted to razorblade421 in Peles Castle (CS:GO)   
    I'll get a scene with whatever I want modeled, and save as a VMF like youre making an instance in hammer. Then import that vmf through wallworm model tools in 3dsmax, then export the objects as an fbx and bring that into Maya. Then export the fbx from maya back into 3dsmax to compile as a model to bring into source.
    Also helps to get a scale of something you want in hammer to the units there, I made those modular ceiling pieces to scale from hammer brushes, (16x16, 64x64, 128x128)
    Hammer Vmf -> 3dsMax Wall Worm Import -> Export as FBX to Maya -> Export as FBX to 3dsMax -> Import FBX and export QC model to Source
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    JackT reacted to esspho in Furnace   
    Update time!
    We've had another playtest and changed some things around acordingly. Thanks again for all the feedback we got in the past weeks!
    The big change this time is the area leading from the canal to the A site. We needed to separate the paths and do some trimming. We also thought a freight yard might fit this part of the map.

    The canal also saw some changes. There is a bit more cover now and there will propably be more of it in future versions. For the connector we are trying a non self-boostable solution.

    We've enlarged the CT-heaven and added a ladder. This should cut down on rotationtimes between sites.

    The radar

    We're excited for the next playtests. Have a nice day!
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    JackT reacted to csWaldo in Furnace   
    @esspho has been working on changes from our first Mapcore playtest including a new design for outside A (thanks @Roald for the suggestions!) while I've been working on and off on bombsite B's main attraction.
    Should be ready for another playtest soon!

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    JackT reacted to Mocherad in [Source2] Polystrike cs_office   
    thanks, first player camera 
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    JackT reacted to csWaldo in Furnace   
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    JackT reacted to Sick_TwinN in de_maar wip   
    first of all happy christmas everyone!,

    So after making pithead which got 9th in the wingman competition, i wanted to have a bigger challenge.
    so i decided to make a 5v5 with @Ynel  we started 4 days ago and we have made some good progress already!

    de_maar is set in norway close to a maar, where you can see auroras etc, our goal is to have a nice warm/cozy looking village.
    while having great gameplay

    some wip shots (some models are still placeholders)
    I hope you will enjoy them!!!

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    JackT reacted to albim75 in ar_Dome   
    some more pics 

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    JackT reacted to csWaldo in Furnace   
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    JackT reacted to csWaldo in Furnace   
    Yeah makes sense. Guess I'll come back to this idea later. In the meantime, some bomb site impressions:

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    JackT reacted to jakuza in Anubis Assets   
    Hey everyone,
    Here are all the assets from Anubis + a zoo file. Unfortunately some of the models aren't complete or really useful. I meant to clean everything up a bit before doing this, but I haven't gotten around to it and I figure it's better to just put it up now than keep delaying. Hopefully I find the time to come back and fix some of these up later on.
    Anyways, here ya go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ryx5i5ssab1d569/anubis_source.zip?dl=0
    Also, please let me know if something in the zoo is missing from the files and I'll upload it asap.
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    JackT reacted to atrocity in de_distillery   
    As I mentioned above, I thought it would be fun to post some early blockout shots, and then post some final shots and talk about some of the design choices behind them. If people enjoy this, I can post a few more.
    Bomb A Changes
    After multiple playtests I identified a few problems with how bombsite A was playing, and how players perceived the spaces they were flowing through. In the old version, players would come down around this bend here, and be presented with option of ducking into this building to take a more protected, but tightly choked route, or they could try and work their way through the street choke and into the bombsite. The street opening here didn't have large cover, so this required a smoke or you would be destroyed by snipers. The less obvious thing that was occurring here was that players felt they were not aware they were transitioning into a bombsite/contested zone. Because you were walking down streets to get here without any changes in spaces, players did not perceive the immediate threat that was waiting around this corner. After some thought, I realized I could create a better choke point , add better cover from snipers, and create a clear delineation of spaces by adding a tunnel with vehicle cover. This also fit well with the aesthetic of Edinburgh. This would however end up impacting the secondary route that players always took into the bombsite. More on that below.

    As I mentioned above, players would go through the structure's interior, and be spit out at the back of the bomb site. This had its pros and cons. However, the one thing it did allow was for Terrorists to rush this point at a much faster rate than the CT's had time to deal with. In an effort to allow CT's better timing to both bomb sites, some work went in to slowing down the terrorist by just a second or 2. This also allowed me to build a courtyard that would be a bit more memorable than just an interior hallway. This also made the approach into A more interesting, especially when I did an overhaul on the bombsite in later iterations.

    When I started this level, I had a few core ideas I wanted to execute on. One of these ideas was how I wanted to go about differentiating the bomb sites. I knew I wanted one bomb site to be an interior or more close quarters fight, and the other to be a bit more open and long range. Possibly open enough that it might even be a bit uncomfortable for Counter Strike. Originally Bomb A was down in this recessed patio space. While I thought it may be interesting to fight down into this space, or hunker down to cover this area, it only took a few playtests to show me I was wrong. First, this spot became a grenade pit. You could almost guarantee that you were going to get 1 or more nades thrown at you here. Second, the recess made a lot of the fights kinda gross. You were trying to fire over the railings, and the players who were on the street above, you could only see their heads. The space really wasn't playing out the way I wanted. I had the idea to raise it up instead of the recess, and this turned out to be a much better choice. This got rid of the strange angles, cleaned up the fire fights, and made the space a bit easier to navigate through. 

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    JackT reacted to csWaldo in Furnace   
    @esspho doing some greybox work ❤️

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    JackT reacted to csWaldo in Furnace   
    @esspho and I are teaming up for a new defuse map.

    Welcome to Norilsk, a soviet mining city in the arctic circle shaped by freezing temperatures, high pollution and 45 days of night in winter.
    Some of the mood and references we are going for:
    Concept art I made of how this could look in source:

    3d concept for the layout, developed by esspho:

    Concept overview with pathing:

    Greybox is in the works. Let us know what you think 😃
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    JackT reacted to Radu in de_Victorian   
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    JackT reacted to Lizard in [CS:GO] Cusco   
    What I also like to do is to take an area from a greybox that I'm sure wont change much and do artpass on it. Sort of test scene for lighting and assets.
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    JackT reacted to Rump3L in Freya [Wingman]   
    Workshop link
    Theme setting => snowy, night, scandinavian (most likely Norway)
    Layout theory:
    Starts out pretty simple for Ts, upon progressing more possibilities open up. CTs can play this in numerous ways, ranging from a back defense to an offensive chokepoint hold. Connector crossing the middle part of the map provides fast rotates and flanking options for both teams, starting with CTs initially if they choose to hold offensively. Skybox is currently open for the most part.
    Previous version showed up in the playtest as heavily CT sided despite the number of entrances. The problem was that the site was way too strong to hold from (too many camping spots, a bunch of weird angles for the pushing team, entrances too close to another). CTs were pretty much forced to stay on such a site since they had a hard time holding further away from the objective. Ts had way too much map control right from the start. Uppermost route took way too long and was too exposed to the site. This version tries to address these issues.



    Thanks for stopping by and also, how does playtesting specifically a wingman map on mapcore work?
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    JackT reacted to Lizard in County   
    Hello everyone !
    I think it is a good time to post some screenshots from my newest csgo project that I'm working on with @jakuza. He already made some models and materials that I used in the listed locations. More to come in next passes,
    County is a map that features everything that comes to mind when typical european thinks about rural part of the USA. It is a danger zone map that features variety of locations you would normally see in rural cities. What I tried to do was to tie these location with some story as well as their placement on the map. I really wanted to avoid 'random structures scattered across the map' feeling some of the community made maps have.
    First art pass is mostly done in most of the locations. In upcoming weeks I will focus on Motel and Quarry locations which are not shown here in this post.
    List of locations with a lot of creenshots (a lot of screenshots actually😁)

    Police station:





    Haunted house:


    More to come!
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    JackT reacted to jakuza in Anubis Assets   
    Right, I forgot to put a screenshot in. @Roald thanks brotha

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    JackT reacted to Roald in [Wingman] Paro   
    I had two playtests, the outcome is
    - The hostage room is super focused on the cliff side and disconnect from the upper side of the map
    - The Ts can flank the CTs in the hostage room way too easy
    To fix these issues
    - I reduced some paths arround the hostage room and put them in CTs favor, making the 'circulation paths' be longer so its less of a cat and mouse game 
    - Allowed Ts to flank to get to the hostage room by either side, BUT they now have to push far out, expose themself and face risky chokepoints. Each flank route will also allow CTs to carry the hostage more directly and safely to the HR zones. 
    This will probably mean Ts will play a bit more back, giving CTs control of the hostage most of the time and hopefully give them a better oppertunity to carry the hostage to either HR zone. Stragetic wise a CT could always have one player get the hostage and have the other cover/clear one side of the map to clear the way for his teammate. 
    Blocked the tunnel to Cliff: 

    Removed the hole to cliff and added a jumbable window instead, also moved squeaky to the CT entrance to have a soundclue

    Squaky door on mid is gone

    New hostage room, being bigger and having the drop down straight into the tunnel and a ladder to get back

    Other end of the tunnel

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    JackT reacted to Roald in Resistance   
    Since its been a year ago we were working on this project I decided to do a playtest and try out some small ideas.
    Afther the playtest I realised I wasn't really happy with how it played and decided to do some big layout changes. 
    Here is an album: https://imgur.com/a/5GAeTIM
    Even though I reduced the options for Ts, the map was very much T sided because of their OP position in Apps and the fact CT had a hard time rotating.
    Based on these main points I have strengthen CT positions on the sides and midle and made the B apps hole more open so Ts are more exposed. 
    New album: https://imgur.com/a/gGFT1nJ
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    JackT reacted to m8nkey in Project Mortdale - CSGO   
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    JackT got a reaction from KlixX in [CS:GO] Exotic Places Contest TOP 10 FINALISTS   
    Well done to the finalists. Very shocked at Graveyard and Victoria though, but that may be my bitterness leaking lmao.
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