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  1. Man that there is some good work , I always thought having along texts explaining is too much in a portfolio but having a before and after with little texts is good? Unless if I was to make the multiplayer level get player to play it and put that in my portfolio that how people player and giving me feedback I used to do that in my portfolio but didn't have enough picture to show for it and was told by a lead that they will only spend few mins on there so get straight to the point sort of thing. Also been thinking if it worth trying to steam my work aswell on twitch/facebook, and maybe if am luck because a LD steamer
  2. See I know there a lot of iterations when it come to LD stuff and I know there be times where the level don't fit with the overall game experiences so it will need to be redone and throw the old out, I don't mind that knowing that it going to make the overall game better for the team and improve myself, like I told them that I don't have industry experiences however I really wanna be apart of a team to carry on growing aswell as be apart with amazing team. so this is why I don't get why they said that to be honest. With naughty dog I see it as my end goal but for now I wanna be apart from another studio first learn as much as I can before going to try my luck with them haha. Alright then I will get both games and start creating levels from Far cry 5 arcade and CSGO, and see what I can create with them Am going to do some digging about dream I was told by another LD to do it but not sure about it.
  3. Hey Radu, Sorry for the late reply been busy with work. I have applied too all sort of company's in the UK, like Ubisoft, firesprite, Sony London, Cloud imperium games, splash games, sumo digital ltd, Creative Assembly, codemasters, climax studios and many more. There were a two that I got invite to the studio and few I fail on the test which is fine helped me improve, while the rest said "unfortunately". The most recent job I applied was Team 6 Game studio pass the level design test and got to the interview stage but they said today unfortunately they are moving on with someone else, they also said this "We can clearly see that you're an incredibly creative person and that you have some great ideas, something we like to see in a Level Designer! At the same time, we also see this as a possible bottleneck. You've mainly worked on your own projects and therefore you haven't build up (much) experience within a professional environment". which for me is due to not having any team members to build a project upon after leaving Uni 2018, and been trying to break into the industry I really want to be apart of. My target company I wanna be apart of is Naughty Dog like that my end goal, that the reason why I meanly did linear single player games, which is what I meanly play aswell. I don't mind doing multiplayer levels as love a new challenge aswell as learning new things. So would it be worth doing a blockout level and then uses one of the SDK to make it fully playable level? Also been thinking of getting dreams and build a level on there aswell. All I been doing is keep pushing forwards until one day someone will take a chance with me, not going to give up!! Thanks Radu for reply back to me
  4. Hi Everyone, hope your all good, I'm Daniel I'm an aspiring Level Designer. always looking at different ways to improve in my spare time. Well I have been trying for two years now to get into my dream job as a level designer in the gaming industry with having no luck, and I have been creating levels in my spare time and this year has been short due to pandemic and PC keep crashing. Here the link to my website: www.danielmck.com I'm looking for feedback on my portfolio and my levels, what's good about it, can it be done better or what bad about the level. Additionally, I'm always on the look out for a level designer position within the industry and would be excited to further discuss any opportunities. Thanks in advance for any feedback and help you can provide!
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