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  1. About the similarity of my card to the Biome map. I am only eighteen years old and I am not a designer or even an artist, my knowledge in color, composition and other areas is equal to zero (or almost zero). The fact that I became one of ten (eleven) finalists is real magic. I still do not understand how this happened, but I am very happy from this fact. This is one of the most beautiful events that has ever happened in my life! It’s hard for me to come up with a visual image for the map, which is why I have to partially copy it from photo references and from other maps (most of all from the Biome map and a little bit from the Inferno map). I myself am saddened by this fact, but otherwise I just won’t be able to make the map visually attractive. The new version of the map will be even more similar to Biome :| Since the approaches to the plant B (botanical garden) from CT and T were mostly invented by me, they turned out to be not very beautiful, because of this I decided to change them based on the Biome map. CT spawn is also slightly modified because it was terribly ugly. In my opinion, the new version of the map looks better, but this is not my merit, but the merit of jd40. Here are some screenshots from the hammer editor
  2. Thanks for the honest review! I agree that the center is a problem, I also agree that at certain points fps sags very much (I don’t know why), I know that the buildings are too similar (but I wanted to fix it by adding a unique background, like a bridge and a waterfall, I’m not sure that navigation is really difficult). I'm also unhappy with the waterfall it could be done better, much like Basalt did, I think I will decompile this map and see how the waterfall is made there BUT there is a big problem: if you use the $translucent parameter, then the waterfall lights up when the bomb explodes, it looks very bad, so I probably still have to use the $alphatest parameter I am not a professional in level design and art, so a lot of things look average.
  3. I don’t know if I succeeded, but I added a competitive mode.
  4. Yeah. I was inspired by the biome map
  5. I thought I solved the problem, but it turns out not. now func_buyzone on terrorists is not available on the map. I decided not to pull and open access to the map, now only deathmach is available there https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984417232
  6. Due to a critical error, func_buyzone and func_bomb_target do not work on the map. I fixed it and am already compiling the map in its final form. here are some screenshots and radar:
  7. Ready a quick sketch of the geometry, and also made the final version of the layout.
  8. Hmm... that sounds like a good idea. I made a quick sketch of the new building architecture. Here's what happened:
  9. I agree. I haven’t set up the lighting for the map yet, which is why it looks so bad. I will definitely do it, but now I just set the props on the map to create the first visual version. Thanks for your comments! The current name of the map seems very appropriate (and beautiful) to me. I doubt that I will change it, but thanks for your remark.
  10. Hello! English is not my native language, so I will use Google translator, sorry So, the scene of the map is a huge Victoria Falls. The bomb site A is an observation deck on which terrorists placed dangerous toxic substances to poison water and harm nature. The bomb site B is a botanical garden where a unique collection of rare plants (and their seeds) is collected and terrorists are going to destroy it. And now I will present screenshots of what I started with and where I came to: First version (general idea) Second version Third version The fourth version (pre-final layout) Fifth version (final layout + start of creating a visual image) And a few more screenshots of the current version of the map: Spawn of counter-terrorists A bomb site Spawn of terrorists Road to bomb site A Mid Terrorist mid B bomb site (general form) B bomb site B bomb site Road to bomb site A (general form) Thanks for reading!
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