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  1. Sad
    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Karthoum in [WIP] Rumble   
    Hey guys, I'm going to have to throw in the towel and withdraw from the competition.
    I can't get the map to work ingame properly and it's causing me a lot of grief, I've tried to turn functionally everything into displacements and using wallworm (in a way you'd be using propper) to no avail, it's just too much work. It'll take either 2 months to fix it or 3 months to remodel it all and I've not got enough time to make anything by the deadline.
    Please accept these screenshots in hammer as something that could have been.

    I wish good luck to everyone else and am looking forward to who comes out the winner and play the maps!
    Thanks for following the thread
  2. Awesome
    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Squidski in Gongji   
    With just over 2 weeks left, I figured I'd show off some areas/angles that haven't gotten a lot of love recently (train cars will have windows don't worry)

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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Sick_TwinN in Feast   
    this map just looks so nice man! i like everything about it
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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to JonyDrake in Submerged   
    Working on some models and doing FAST mode mapping aswell, don't mind the de_nuke looking rooms, they are changing. All of these models have accurate collision meshes btw.
  5. LOL
    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Oliver in Throttle   
    Ceiling is a little bit sparse. Tip: Maybe try and flip the image vertically and you'll notice it better 😊 
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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Lizard in Feast   
    Either read my reply once more or just give up on trying to understand what others have to say.
    Ceiling so detailed I can barely see it.
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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Timure in Hanga Roa 🗿   
    So after tons of playtesting the final layout is here, its not much different but it plays better. (No the final version of the radar pic ofc)

    Most mapmakers suggest drawing a layout on paper or starting with it but I never personally liked it, Here I just made the areas I had in mind and then with help of playtesting it came together into a pretty solid layout (imho). So from the first look at the radar you might think that it is a clover layout, but the middle of the map connects straight to ct spawn instead of connectors to sites. Here is a simplified diagram of the layout:

    I call this the triple circle layout, it reminds of a cactus I once owned

    Heres the new layout of b site - basically added a single crate and shuffled about the ct spawn

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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Kurtis Harmer in De_Bath (WIP)   
    Update is live, will redo screenshots closer to the end
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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Tynnyri in Throttle   
    Big  update time! Finalizing layout with small improvements to the timings, tightening chokepoints, optimization, detailing and bugfixing.

    The version number jumped a lot in a single update. Here's all the changes accumulated into a one patchnote:

    Gameplay changes:
    -A site now has two plant zones, upper and lower. You can plant on either floor. This brings a stop the strategy of camping A backyard and waiting for planting sounds. Lower floor stairs now prevent wallbanging properly.
    -Made the sand at CT-side of long B beach higher in attempt to remove graphical bugs and improve gameplay. CT side of this area has also been shrunk to remove unnecessary space.
    -CT Spawn truck moved back to remove a gap in it. CT spawn wooden stairs have been moved back let you fight the headshot position longer in order to compensate.
    -A backyard and T entry to A frontyard are easier to smoke by being slightly slimmer.
    -T spawn moved back slightly.
    -CT drop to mid has been blocked off.
    -Added white paint into the blue room and blocked off the middle window to help with visibility.
    Misc changes:
    -Changed playermodels
    -Removed T spawn boost to look over to A frontyard by thinning out T spawn.
    -Remade the red barn at A frontyard. Smoking A frontyard as CT is now easier. Windows in barn are still breakable with explosives.
    -Added more foliage and implemented foliage lighting fixes on the vista at A frontyard.
    -A Backyard to mid area is thinner, making it easier to smoke.
    -Added grenade clips to the net alongside long B beach.
    -Attempted to make crouching below the long B beach wood cover more consistant. Added a wooden plank in it for cover
    -A lot of small prop and lighting changes everywhere in the map; more detail.
    -Added wind
    -Added occluders and areaportals to open areas (optimization)
    -Fixed the goofy sand in A site.

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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Sick_TwinN in The random model thread!   
    Made this cliff for a wingman map that i am gonna make with @DutchCrazyGamer
    Its gonna be set in an alaska village

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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Slimek in Bregov   
    A sneak peek at A site (from CT entrance).

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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Edude in Classified   

    Detailing the map is always the best part and as I go through this process I see how many things still need to be done.
    I'm busy this month and because of that, I won't be able to finish Classified before the deadline. I believe it will be ready between March and April for a Steam Workshop release!
    Good luck to all mappers who are still working on their projects. I will continue to post updates on this topic as the map gets ready! 
    See ya! 😀

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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to JonyDrake in Submerged   
    Submerged is not OVER, we're probably not going to make it to the end of the contest in time, but we'll do our best.
    Some progress we've done.

    (doesn't have any textures yet, it's there to test proportions)

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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Zanek184 in [WIP] de_facility   
    The map is still way too big and corridory. Your layout has issues, changing the gamemode won't solve your issues...
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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to poLemin in Feast   
    Can you feel the crunch?!

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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to poLemin in Feast   
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    DutchCrazyGamer got a reaction from a Chunk in [WIP] de_zansort   
    Finally started with detaling (probably not going to finish in time but i will try)

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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to fewseb in de_grotto [WIP]   
    Ive updated the beta version today, there will hopefully be a playtest soon. B side is lagging behind visually but other then that I think its come a long way in a short time span.

    B site

    A site


    CT spawn

    T Spawn
    Current Overview

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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Viiconov in Patoosh   
    The deadline is getting close,  so here's what's up with me and my map.

    The playable area of the map is done, and the level of detail is roughly the same everywhere, apart from the background mountains, which turned out to be a lot harder to make than I expected.
    Still I'm leaving it here, because I've run out of motivation for it. I'm not even sure whether my bombsites are any good, so I can't justify putting any more work into it. I guess I see this as a "proof of concept" for a map. Or somthing like that.
    Anyways, here's a link to its Workshop page, if you're interested. The best of luck to all the rest of you!
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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to untor in Swamp   
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    DutchCrazyGamer got a reaction from Zanek184 in [WIP] de_zansort   
    Finally started with detaling (probably not going to finish in time but i will try)

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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Kurtis Harmer in De_Bath (WIP)   
    I forgot to sign in and I forgot to drop the overview.
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    DutchCrazyGamer reacted to Edude in Classified   
    There is still so much work to do, but things are starting to take shape. This first art pass will still take a long time to finish but I'm enjoying the results so far! I will focus on detailing the entire map as quickly as I can to have something concrete for the deadline. If I manage to finish everything (detailing, optimization, general polishing) I start a second art pass with more refinement.

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    DutchCrazyGamer got a reaction from Lefty in [WIP] de_zansort   
    Finally started with detaling (probably not going to finish in time but i will try)

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    DutchCrazyGamer got a reaction from Donskioni in [WIP] de_zansort   
    Finally started with detaling (probably not going to finish in time but i will try)

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