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  1. Last week i did some little more detailing (no props or anything, just shaping the house a bit more and i added a roof over the bar area)
  2. After school has started i finally had some time to make some progress again. I am still looking for a teammate who could help me with some 3d models ,textures and has some good ideas to improve the gameplay of the map. Anyway here are some screenshots of recent changes.
  3. Since my playtest on august the 14th i made some big changes. This mostly include cutting sightlines and adding some more cover. (workshop is not 100% up to date)
  4. Cs go sdk should be fixed now. If not then you can still use the - beta from cs go as a temporary solution to this problem. (with this beta you wont be able to play online)
  5. Ok after some time being away i made some small progress again. Below here you can see some screenshots of the results.
  6. Might be bad brushwork. If so, you should remake them. (There was a shortcut that detects bad brushwork but i forgot it)
  7. It looks like your map has a lot of long boring hallways/narrow corridors. Also that weard path on the left kills the flow for that team. So i would suggest read this article first and then maybe redesign some parts. The article:
  8. Yeah i already did a community playtest and found out that all the entrances are to wide. Also some area's will be a bit smaller.
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1781774459 Published the map on the workshop. Here you can you see the new version of the radar: And here are some screenshots of the map (inside lighting might be a bit dark):
  10. For me, i think the top part is the main problem. I will probably simplify most of those paths above and playtest it. Starting again for now seems like a drastic option. But thanks for you input.
  11. First version of the radar: (The top spawn is CT and the bottom one is T spawn)
  12. Ok small update of the map. I have started with my greybox. (No full layout yet, i think i will make the area's one by one) This will be T-spawn
  13. Nice theme. I had an idea for a map that takes place in Zanzibar as well. Maybe we could team up? I have one year experience with hammer, a small experience in modeling (still learning) and i want to start making textures as well. If you are interrested in the offer just shoot me a PM (or a DM on discord).
  14. They use TAR. https://github.com/Terri00/CS-GO-Auto-Radar/blob/tavr/README.md @Ynel
  15. Ok. I decided to participate in this contest but there might be a chance i won't finish it because of school. Anyway, the map is set in a fictional resort on the island of Zanzibar. Just like almost everyone i made a moodboard. (Some pictures are from a resort i visited once). I have some experience with hammer(a year now) and i recently started with modeling. If you like this idea and want to team up just send me a PM.
  16. Added a (temporary) overview for my map for an upcomming playtest.
  17. Started with texturing the outside of the map.
  18. So far i found 1 problem. You might want to clip this ramp because you can get stuck on it. Overall it is a nice map. I think A looks the best so far but maybe there are to many paths (my opinion). Hope this helps you and have fun continuing this project.
  19. Shaped the main building of my map (b site).
  20. I removed the church because it did not fit the theme completely
  21. Removed the vent texture and made it so it looks like on of those monk entrances.
  22. What do you think about this? Does it look like a church?
  23. Updated my map a bit. Added some doors to B site and suffused the paths that will become the cave system.
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