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  1. This looks really nice... the only issue is that ofcourse I want to win but I also want your map to win at the same time it looks really damn nice tho Good Luck
  2. Come to Paradise Island, We have the best Crates in the Caribean! - Mayor of Padarise Island Background Story After first struggling with finding bolth a theme and a good idea for a layout. I've now managed to get started with making a graybox version of my level. The Theme for my map is a Island named "Paradise Island" that is located in the caribbean and is well known for two things: Legal Drugs, and special Radioactive stones that can be found in Mines under the island, Terrorists are trying to stop the research team that was send to two of the places said Stones can be found at (almost) ground level, meanwhile CTs are trying to stop the terrorists from interfering with the plans of the research team. What is coming next? A lot of Playtesting Trying to find another person to collaborate with Adding Detail WIP Screenshots
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