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  1. I feel like this is the literal CS:GO equivalent of 'How long is a piece of string?'
  2. There are quite a few dead ends in the map, what are their purposes?
  3. Wow, thanks! I've had a few suggestions for changes from the Mapcore discord, so will be looking into each change and seeing how it affects the map. Then I may get round to pretty-ing it up :')
  4. Hey guys! New here Here's something I've been working on over the past week or so. A map based on a missile production facility, where I wanted to create really memorable bomb sites and some cool gameplay in the map. Here are some screenshots (obviously super WIP) :). Overview (apologies for the annoying brown stuff covering the right side, you can see what it is in the screenshot below) A Bomb site (left is T side approach, right from Heli is CT approach) B Bomb site, literally on the factory floor where the missile is being built. Falling in the hole is insta-death... but is the challenge of planting in the open worth the ease of defending the bomb? Here's my mid. I want all unbreakable glass on the left where you I could imagine all robots would be working on things on the benches. Mid has connections to both A and B. I've tried to bring loads of cool tactics into the map, for example: A safe smoke from B corridor to smoke main doors allowing T's to cross to the left side of the room Boost possible onto top of mid to A connector, allowing some interesting gameplay and maybe some clutch saves on A bomb site? A smoke from T approach to A that completely smokes the CT spawn to A route. Great for a quick push Let me know of any feedback you guys have on anything so far, I'd love to know all of your thoughts Thanks so much! Cam
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