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  1. Hello party n frens, For this year sadly i have to inform you that i have lost my battle. I will not be able to continue this project for until i have my working tools back. I made some awesome progress the last week but i dont have the strength anymore to show you... I managed to get saving to work and i added lockping. Lockpicking works like in that new outerworlds game and i want it to be skillbased later. I will not take down the fund me, for that i dont know if that is anywhere near a good idea... Maybe a mircale happens. I hope that i can return here in a few weeks... Please dont be so hard on Bethesda in the mean time... greets Owl
  2. Yee yee and here is gameplay now... Now to the important stuff. Did you notice that there is not a single scene where the player has put the gun away? I dont feel good about this game XD i see all the things ive always hated about fallout. And the colors are inconistent I am not too excited yet.
  3. I still play UT3 to this day and i think all what ut4 really could have done is just to have a better campaign then ut3... and more modes. UT3 was dope asf.
  4. I love how this came up right when steam started shitting on indies This is perfect and will hopefully make way for scandal.
  5. They made a solid game i think. But i saw a review that says that what they made is not working. They are using great systems but fail to use them properly. The AI is incredibly dumb and is the worst part about this. Also you spent most of the time with managing your location rather then experiencing great stories. I dont like zombie games... and this is to left4dead. But this could have gone a good way like this other series with the girl and the man.
  6. Hello! Oh i want to work in the industry yes and i have alot of experience from that area already! In my City tho there is not alot to go for... and i have to stay here for reasons. There might come up a chance next year to be active in Teaching Game development. My dream for this project would be to become its own game, starting with a small thing like a single quest. But first i would like to go for a stable system, framework. This system will be the base for a bigger game, tho that is some time away. I do not wish to delve deeper into the game ideas at this point, i am hoping that this picks up enough steam so that i get lots of feedback. I want people to tell me what they actually hated/loved about Oblivion and or Skyrim. I want people to sorta go back and say, yee good old times. I want to create a framework out of systems people enjoy - that would be a perfect base for a game.
  7. Hello again, I would like to introduce you to an update for this game. Today i got: - Updated Light effects - implementation: Arms/Hands - Implementation: Weapons - Implementation: Misc/Light items - Implementation: NPCs As many bugfixes and new minor imporvements. Also in this Video i show a more look into how i build caves. I am currently working on a list with upcoming features, also a roadmap. The next things i want to get in are fighting mechanics and save/load systems. Also i want to get the switching between levels working. Please stay tuned and also take a look at my gofundme in the first post! Regards Owl!
  8. Hello party, Someone told me of this website so i could post my project here. This project still has no real working title so please dont mind the "uggo" title card. I still dont know where this project will go - Thinking of creating a large dungeon quest. This might also blow up out of scale... I have no idea where i want this togo. I currently set myself the task to recreate a bit of the "Oblivion-Charme" i know from the game.This project could turn into a small game with even more "Oblivion-Esque" inputs. I so far created alot of meshes and UI to create a foundation for this.My mission is to recreate the feeling that Oblivion had but also enhancing that to a more modern era.Lots of ideas from the community and other newer Bethesda games will mix into this. I already included an interpretation of fastloot and i will expand that with an option to fully interact with containers. I have a gofundme campaign going currently so that i can continue developing. https://www.gofundme.com/help-me-continuing-creating-artgames
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