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    [CS:GO] de_village

    The map Village is a classic 5v5 defuse map. It's set in an overgrown medieval village. "Terrorists decided to attack the local village, one of the unique, best preserved medieval monument, to show their disagreement with new government's policy!" Credits Authors: Almaas- Level Designer | Detailer | Texture designer RedSkittleFox - Level Designer | Detailer | Modeler Super Dirt - Moral support Special thanks to: James for providing us with some custom models. jd40 for early playtesting and feedback. Trevor - for helping with the layout and giving important feedback. Oliver - For letting us use some of his custom assets. Mapcore Community for hosting playtesting and feedback. Please leave your feedback! Post some ideas and report bugs here. Post your overall experience in a comment. Thanks for reading and playing Download
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