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  1. Hey everyone, Bonfire Studios is currently hiring people to form the core nucleus of our company and help define our first IP. All roles are full-time and located in Costa Mesa, California. Please visit our careers page for a list of open positions. http://www.bonfirestudios.com/careers We're actively looking for a Senior 3d Environment Artist and a Lead Level Designer to help us shape our original IP. You should have shipped multiple AAA titles and have an exceptional portfolio. We are seeking: Good humans with good hearts People who strive for excellence in everything they do People brave enough to make bold decisions on behalf of Bonfire Studios Those who thrive without micro-management, and who know that with this freedom comes great responsibility Passionate gamers who know and love fictional worlds People ready to tank any challenge, big or small, whether or not it’s in their job description. At Bonfire, we all do whatever is necessary for the team to succeed People with different experiences and different points of view. We are always looking for new perspectives Thanks for looking. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Dom Qwek www.bonfirestudios.com