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  1. OPzy

    [CSGO] Victoria

    Really solid layout so far. My only big criticism (besides the somewhat popular opinion that the B bridge window is a bit unbalanced) is that I feel A's mid connections are a bit lacking. Terrorists have barely any incentive to go A through mid as the only connection is at the very end of mid. I know it's a big change, but my suggestion would be to connect mid to the indoor route to A. It would add incentives for both teams to have a mid presence, and add some variety to Terrorist's A takes. It would also allow for easier rotates for terrorists if they decide to go B. As I said, I think the layout is solid, but feel the mid doesn't serve the purpose it should in it's current state. Obviously you guys have played the map a ton more than me, but this is just how I view it. Great map, though
  2. OPzy

    [CSGO] de_mineshaft

    Hey guys. This is a demolition map I made. My goal wasn't to make a competitively viable map, but rather a fun and unique map, with many ways to play it. The terrorists spawn at the top of a cliff, and the CT's at the bottom. The site itself is located just below the cliff, with high walls surrounding it. The walls are filled with things to jump on, meaning that the Terrorists can do a bit of parkour for a shortcut. This makes the map play extremely vertically, and makes for a very unique game. However, behind the walls of the cliff are a series of caves, that play more typically. Fight your way to the bottom for a covered route to site, or take a turn along the way to peak a window with direct view onto site. The map looks complex at first (which isn't helped by the 3 levelled radar), but becomes intuitive the more you play it. The map is currently in greybox, so I'm looking for gameplay feedback. The level was not designed for competitive play, but to be more fun, but also balanced. There are plenty of angles, boosts and jumps that may be considered OP in your average de_ map. I think it makes the level unique, and every round plays out very differently (unless your playing with bots, who rush one of two routes each time as they can't perform complex jumps). This is also my first map I've ever made, besides a bad layout I made in 2015. This project alone has taken me a bit over a two months, however a lot of this was learning the editor from videos from TopHattWaffle and 3kliksphilip (who initially inspired me to map). Inspiration of this map came to me when I was thinking about drawings my friends and I did when we were 8 or so. We would draw a big cliff, with things poking out, with stick figures shooting each other from different angles. I thought it would make for an interesting map. Radar (Confusing af): Lower Middle Upper Site Lower Tunnel Upper Tunnel CT Side T Side Crane Load CT Spawn (Bad deco) T Spawn Observation Lobby Upper Tunnel Site Ramp Workshop