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  1. incredible-ninja

    [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)

    A site looks a lot cleaner since the last time I played it, nice! It got flattened out didn't it? I can't figure out what exactly changed in the first picture though, Do you have a side by side? If not then that's fine of course, I just haven't played the map in a short while so my memory isn't as fresh anymore haha.
  2. incredible-ninja

    [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)

    This sounds like a good solution to me. I like the idea of making building-specific structures, and perhaps changing the stone colours a bit. Maybe giving the windows a different colour will help, but I am scared it will stand out too much.
  3. incredible-ninja

    totally random texture thread

    Hey this might be the wrong place but I have a question about creating textures. I would love to spend some of my free time creating textures for CSGO, my ultimate goal would be to make my own maps but I want to wait till I am a bit better at the game so I will have a better understanding of how maps work well. In the mean time I want to make textures so I can help others with their maps. Where would I start? It was difficult finding any information online, most websites skip the creation of the textures and go straight to telling me how to get them into hammer. That's not what I want to know. I want to know where I would begin if I wanted to create, say, my own brick texture. What programs would be recommended? I have experience in GIMP and am excited to look into blender but it would help if I knew what to prioritise. Any help is appreciated!
  4. incredible-ninja

    [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)

    I am a big fan of the red wall. Always good to give the map recognisable parts for call outs
  5. incredible-ninja

    [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue

    This is going to be so glorious when it's completed. Can not wait to play this updated version. Is there a problem with the current workshop version though? Cos my game keeps crashing 1/15 seconds into the match. Very strange.