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  1. I remember the discussion about the red building on this thread, and whether it was a good or bad idea. Now that one of the buildings in Abbey has received a red paint job, maybe inspiration could be taken from that? It seems to blend in very well, and the theme matches Highlands quite a bit. I see a lot of similarities in some of the stone buildings, so maybe some of its assets could be used?
  2. A site looks a lot cleaner since the last time I played it, nice! It got flattened out didn't it? I can't figure out what exactly changed in the first picture though, Do you have a side by side? If not then that's fine of course, I just haven't played the map in a short while so my memory isn't as fresh anymore haha.
  3. This sounds like a good solution to me. I like the idea of making building-specific structures, and perhaps changing the stone colours a bit. Maybe giving the windows a different colour will help, but I am scared it will stand out too much.
  4. I am a big fan of the red wall. Always good to give the map recognisable parts for call outs
  5. This is going to be so glorious when it's completed. Can not wait to play this updated version. Is there a problem with the current workshop version though? Cos my game keeps crashing 1/15 seconds into the match. Very strange.
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