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    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    I preparing new update to my Crossfire Remake map for CS:GO and i adding lots of new details. This is test compile screenshot.
  2. neptune

    [Wingman] Villas

    I think this map need more details. For example your buildings's main design is well but not have a enough details. You should search this classic wooden Ottoman house and made it. Example
  3. neptune

    [CS:GO] Metro

    Hi everyone. Firstly I designed this map in 2016 but this version is bad and after 2 years i ve decided redesign this map. Metro is hostage rescue scenario bases in Turkey. This map have 4 multiple levels. Some building designs is real and all location and subway line name is fake. I want to improve my map tactically with your help. Thanks in advice. Metro Workshop Page Here some screenshot:
  4. neptune

    Residence Rescue

    I forgot to mention onething. My advice if you add little dirt detail to glass door texture it would be better.
  5. neptune

    Residence Rescue

    Have played hostage rescue version and i liked your map but i found some problem. 1- Major problem: Bridge border. If you take hostage and jump other side of bridge goodbye this hostage. You should clip bridge's border. 2- Optimization: CT, T Base and Bridge around optimization is bad.( I tested lowest settings with my potato computer). 3- Some used soundscape name is wrong. This is console screenshot: Console Screenshot