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  1. @General Vivi @scorched Shoot. I should have checked back here earlier because voting is over... Regardless, thank you for responding.
  2. Just to make sure, who is allowed to vote? Everyone or just a few select people? I want to make sure. Thank you.
  3. Quick question. Perhaps I missed something, but when will the results be out for who won?
  4. NOTE: I commented here before, but I accidentally made it hidden and I do not know how to find it again and undo that action. So just in case, here is the same post. I do apologize Name: Lucas LaMonica Website: https://lucaslamonica.wordpress.com/ Story: Our hero finds themselves in a maze consisting of colorful blocks, and a door that cannot be opened. However, the player will also discover various colored jewels and most interestingly, a terminal connected to a miniature version of this same maze. Perhaps our hero can put this miniature to use. Engine: Unity Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZK-U-R6Q9fQdlligb4DyvuWOroNi6pFv/view?usp=sharing Screenshots: Video link:
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