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    trevor reacted to untor in [CS:GO] Residence [Waterfall]   
    Waterfall Residence
    Set in Canada, this facility is under attack by Anarchists seeking to destroy a residence that has rare cultural values.

    Fragment number two: "Anarchy and art" 

    " - They must feel the pain of loss! We will inflict as much damage to their cultural legacy as we can! We will not back out and will take them with us... "

    Terrorists arrive to destroy a villa built near the old lighthouse. The villa itself has valuable pieces of art. 
    Under the lighthouse there is a small warehouse, possibly used to store precious historic artefacts.

    Original Waterfall (old)
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    trevor reacted to That50'sGuy in [CS:GO] Retail   
    Howdy folks!
    I've been working on a map since early 2017 and I'm happy to say that it is nearing completion! (A little while ago, I made a post about it on the WIP topic)
    Introducing Retail! A standard 3-Lane defuse map set in a shopping mall under renovation. (With plenty of custom textures, Yay!!!)
    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/5InhrhK (It might look like you can escape via the spawns, but it's clipped off. I'm just thinking of ways to block the player)
    Overview: COMMING SOON
    Workshop Download: COMMING SOON
    Be sure to check again soon! I'll have the map up and the overview ready as soon as I can!
    Layout plays pretty good, just needs some minor changes. (I'm also going to add another route for T's to get to A)
    Thanks for viewing!

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    trevor reacted to csWaldo in [CSGO] Victoria   
    Making some progress. Next playtest soon. Hope we can lock down the layout soon so we can focus on art. 
    Props to @Vaya for this scene
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    trevor reacted to will2k in A NEW HOPE: Will2k's Dying Light Single-player campaign [WIP]   
    Gas prices are gonna go up

    Bonus pic

    Third and last part of the campaign is underway.
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    trevor reacted to will2k in A NEW HOPE: Will2k's Dying Light Single-player campaign [WIP]   
    Spicing things up and implementing dynamic weather variation/change:
    Storm/heavy rain



    Hours logged on the developer tools: around 800 hrs and still going
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    trevor reacted to will2k in A NEW HOPE: Will2k's Dying Light Single-player campaign [WIP]   
    September progress update - fresh batch of screenshots

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    trevor reacted to Episode17game in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Hello! The work on Episode 17 continues, and I want show only a small part of my work. Thank you all for your attention.

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    trevor reacted to NikiOo in [CS:GO] De_BigAssStatue   
    Decided the rocks were a tad too smooth and stylized so I reworked them:


    *here's without the normal:

    Didn't get into too much detail cause I wanted to keep the shapes consistent and thought it would be more difficult to notice the repetition with simpler geometry.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    trevor reacted to novo88 in [CS:GO] de_policeacademy   
    Hey thank you for taking a look at it and giving me some feedback, I really appreciate it!
    I never thought about the catwalk issue but it's an easy fix, I'll take a look at it. 
    The ability to plant in the truck I thought was a fun thing to do, wasn't sure about it but yeah, it's probably too much.
    Finally, I think you might be right about the underground passage, because initially there was no fast and safe way for Ts to rotate from A to B because mid was too big, but that might not be the case anymore so I'll seriously think about removing it.
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    trevor got a reaction from novo88 in [CS:GO] de_policeacademy   
    Amazing work on the update, I genuinely have no clue how you redesign and update the layout with the full panorama map so cleanly good work. I had some friends take a look with me and the points we found were that the catwalk you made on A site might be a little too tight? The only other issue is the bomb being able to be planted inside the truck trailer might be a bit too good though the layout with the truck itself might be good. My biggest feeling is there that might be too much. As in having two floors accessible in the buildings next to the bombsites is fine, but also having the connections to mid and an underground area between the two sections might be too much? Absolutely love the work and feel put into the map! Definitely looks like something having my mates try to pug on to playtest we'd have a good time. Appreciate the work and ideas you're putting into this.
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    trevor reacted to will2k in A NEW HOPE: Will2k's Dying Light Single-player campaign [WIP]   
    My aim is to have this custom campaign feel like a continuation of the main game in terms of visuals and story/quest.
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    trevor reacted to Yanzl in Yanzl's Source Emporium   
    Hey, I've decided to make a topic where I'll put together all the links to different stuff I've released for Source/CS:GO.
    Assets from my CS:GO maps. Free for non-commercial use as long as you give appropriate credit.
    Newly released assets from Breach! Over 600 models and over 100 materials. Includes a zoo map. 

    Assets from Thrill. Includes a zoo map.

    Water Pack
    Collection of 4 different water textures that work both on high and low shader settings. Free to modify. 

    Source Engine Tools
    Streamline the Source engine workflow. Mostly substance stuff.
    Substance Shaders (and templates)
    Newly updated shaders for Substance Designer and Substance Painter. Supports Diffuse, Envmap reflection, Specular reflection, Glossiness, Metallic (Diffuse tint), Fresnel ranges and LightmappedGeneric mode. Also includes Painter templates and export presets and a glossiness wizard filter for Painter that can be used to create glossiness and envmap mask maps from specular mask or roughness.

    VMT Editor 
    PBR to Source
    A substance file and a VMT template that aim to match the PBR look as close as possible in Source (still a long way off). I don't suggest relying on this to make your materials (learn how Source handles materials instead), but it does an alright job with any PBR materials you might want to use in Source. Note that this converter only works on VertexLitGeneric. There's a brush version included but it requires manual tweaking based on the material.

    Radar generator
    Generates CS:GO radar images, both regular and spectate versions. For multi level radars you have to use multiple generators and blend them together. Can be used with masks from Terri's auto radar.
    Requires you to make overview image, playable area and spawn/plant zone masks.

    Sun color calculator
    A quick test project, calculates the color of your light_environment direct brightness based on the fact that the final color depends on both ambient and direct.
    If you have any questions, ask away!
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    trevor reacted to novo88 in [CS:GO] de_policeacademy   
    I followed this tutorial and a little bit of Photoshop. 
    Thank you! I playtested it last week and got some things to work on now, like making mid a viable option for Ts to push and fixing B site and building. I'm trying to work on the balance and avoiding some long angles too
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    trevor got a reaction from novo88 in [CS:GO] de_policeacademy   
    This looks sick man for sure. Definitely cool to see this amazing theme and idea! Feels like if you test it in gameplay it may feel like there are too many long open streets for ct's to have strong control of. The detail you've made looks fantastic though.
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    trevor got a reaction from Yanzl in Yanzl's Source Emporium   
    Allowing non-commercial access to all this is insane man. I know once I finish my first layout attempt that the radar generator will be immensely helpful. All these assets as well are astonishing as well.
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