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  1. Ended up as a sort of montage of a number of different stations rather an any one in particular, and using a huge number of reference photos to try and nail Tube look (and hopefully the vibe). Especially as not being a Londoner myself, I tried to use reference photos to add details to the vague vision of a Tube station I had in my mind. That said certain areas ended up taking more from certain locations. The platform is certainly inspired by the Jubilee Line stations and in particular Waterloo. The T-side approach is a mix of several areas in Bond Street station, the CT-spawn escalators were modelled after those in Angel Station, and the motif (and steepness) of the emergency stairs are based off Covent Garden. I don't think they were worried about stair clipping back in 1900s.
  2. Yes! I did email back but, thank you regardless!
  3. Hello all! A little late to post this here on Mapcore as I've been moving back to uni this weekend, but thought I'd better post here regardless for anyone who hasn't seen it elsewhere. This week I released Oyster, my entry to Source Engine Discord's 2020 Wingman competition, set within an under-construction station on London's tube system. Visit the official website or go straight to the workshop submission. You can also watch the official trailer on YouTube. All the best and have fun! Sol And featuring 1v1 warmup arenas:
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