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  1. Pushed the latest update earlier today - the first update for 2021! A number of more minor fixes and some bigger visual and quality-of-life improvements too (like in CT spawn or on the platform upper-scaffolding). I've updated the original post with these screenshots, as well as a new CGI cinematic trailer. As always keen to know what you think!
  2. Finally published the first post-comp update! Lots of changes in this one, and a huge effort to overhaul both gameplay and visuals in response to some of the feedback/criticism from players and the competition judges. I've put together a page with some interactive comparison shots too, so check that out here for a better picture (ha) of the changes. Super keen to hear people's thoughts!
  3. Ended up as a sort of montage of a number of different stations rather an any one in particular, and using a huge number of reference photos to try and nail Tube look (and hopefully the vibe). Especially as not being a Londoner myself, I tried to use reference photos to add details to the vague vision of a Tube station I had in my mind. That said certain areas ended up taking more from certain locations. The platform is certainly inspired by the Jubilee Line stations and in particular Waterloo. The T-side approach is a mix of several areas in Bond Street station, the CT-spawn escalators were m
  4. Yes! I did email back but, thank you regardless!
  5. Hi all! Oyster is a defusal wingman map set within Aldham East, an under-construction station on London's tube system. Started this in mid-last year as my entry for the Source Engine Discord's 2020 Wingman competition. Cinematic Trailer Layout Screenshots Links Workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/2230541612 Website, Blog and Changelog: https://oyster.solwllms.com/
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