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  1. Interesting. This process does require multiple steps such as writing each texture to each model one by one and applying correct parameters, and i have to properly space out the UV islands. However, i have begun to use a new plugin to allow me to efficiently organize and space out UVs to prevent any texture bleed and the most usage of pixel space. ive tried finding any limitations online and the only problem that may come up is when packing everything and uploading to the workshop. Here is another test i conducted about a year ago. I forgot where i had placed it this whole time. If
  2. Boys, Im back. Decided to make a CS level in blender and bake out the ray traced lighting. Friendship ended with VRAD, now Cycles is my new friend. This is a screenshot of a proof of concept levels made using this method. Some props are darker because I was testing out texture gamma and color correction but it turns out these textures work just fine without any edits in vtf edit. Will keep yall updated on what Im going to do with this gamer power
  3. Had the weird idea of baking out a fa├žade of a level in Blender Cycles and importing into CS:GO as emission props. I have working prototypes of small levels that ended up looking hella good, usually made of one giant model with a 4k texture and color data is nicely preserved for HDR use. I want to move on to make an entire level but didnt know how multiple 4k textures everywhere (i'm talking having at most 20 on screen at a time) would impact players PCs so I decided to make a small wingman map to test out this new method. I just need to know if my maps gameplay is at least ''alright'' so that
  4. Anyone here still making maps for gmod? Been making a map to overshadow gm_bigcity since I got tired of waiting on someone to make a bigger better and more optimized version. The sides of the level are 16 units away from the hammer editors limits and this screenshot displays a little over half of the level. The gray area with the fog is just the skybox projection. But man who knew designing a city was so difficult.
  5. How did you get that moon to appear correctly? Is it a over sized sprite in the skybox?
  6. My current attempt at making CS:GO not look like it's running on an ancient engine. These are all assets found on de_train and de_vertigo.
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