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    Ability to justify and fast texture when overriding props material.
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    Layout, place names and story is finally ready. Lots of props position is not certain. (After realese wip version, all prop position can finalize.)  If you any feedback for map design please tell me. 
    Terrorists  learned that a rich businnesman and family go on vacation to Cappadocia, Turkiye. They decided took this businessman and family  hostage for money. Terrorists found the hotel and attacked in sunrise.
     A few minutes later police learned this hostage crisis. In a short time police, and special forces has been arrived and closed surrounding areas. Terrorist want to 3 Million $ , helicopter for safety exit in return hostage. Police refused this offer and preparing intervention.

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    @snaileny Thank you for advice.  Before when I planning map location i searched all location on Cappadocia and i decided Goreme. Goreme is very convenient side for hostage rescue mode(also Urgup). Map layout nearly complete. And lastly Uchisar Castle, fairy chimneys, flyings ballons will add this map's 3D skybox. 
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    I think you should add your map at least a part of the Derinkuyu Underground City. Underground city has tunnel entrances are under the old buildings/houses so you can make a passage or something like that. And maps skybox should definitely have the Uçhisar Castle.
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