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  1. No, I talked about how the Source SDK launcher is broken and how to CS?GO code is closed source.
  2. Menu background image for my upcoming map for HL2:EP2. Looking for a beta tester and suggestions for a title. The mission is to escape the haunted house.
  3. Xblah

    [HL2:EP2] Stalked

    Hi. It's been a long time since the last time I mapped for HL2. I decided to start small and make a single map with about 5min of gameplay, set in a haunted house. Most of the gameplay is scripted, but the player must explore the place in order to escape.I tried to avoid the common jump scares and instead, setup a suspense feel. The map is rather dark, but there are frequent lightnings that light up the place. My intention was to sometimes let the player get lost, so he must stop, wait for the bright lightning to show the way he must go. Unfortunately, I only posted screenshots for the first half of the game, as the second half contains major spoilers. It's not finished yet, but I'm looking for some beta testers to help me "break" the game, so I can close all gaps, as well as evaluate the ambience, the gameplay and the dificulty of puzzles and navigation. All the help will be apreciated. You can post here or message me inbox if interested. Thanks in advance.
  4. You can't create a standalone game based on csgo. Differently from hl2, it's binaries are not open sourced, so you can't modify the code. About making a mod, even the old sdk is broken, so you must make your mods by scratch, downloading the binary source codes from github if you want to do any code changes. Last, I don't know how servers would accommodate a csgo mod in sourcemods folder, so you are in unexplored waters here.
  5. The challenge seems interesting. I'm struggling with the final battle. I want to build a scripted death, but every sketch I make doesn't fit with the theme. It's not supposed to be like Ravenholm, where there are traps in convenient places. The idea of killing it with its on laser seems nice. I plan to give the enemy a weakness to fire and iron, so the player can defend himself, and not just play a walking simulator with jumpscares. But I am sure as hell that I want it to die burning in the end. About your map, I liked the environment of the sewer in the second screenshot. Natural light is always the nicest.
  6. Experimenting with a haunted house theme. Almost all lights are out, except for a few lamps. Every few seconds there is a lightning that illuminates the place. The enemy is a stalker. I'm still thinking how the player will kill it in the end. I thought about burning it with a flare, but I'm accepting suggestions. The campaign is short, no more than 5 minutes. It will require a lot of beta testing to ensure the ambience and puzzles are ok.
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