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  1. Hello everyone! I am developing a new mod for Portal 2, and so far I think the maps are looking pretty good- however; feel free to leave any feedback you can think of. I would like to share some of my inspirations behind this mod. I am aiming for the environments in this mod to show Aperture Science in a highly detailed way that hasn't been seen very often, and I would like to explore places in Aperture that have always resided in my own head-canon for the games but never fully realized until now- for example; in the first chapter of the mod, I am utilizing an idea I've always had that aperture had some offices and facilities hidden away, lost in the crevices and gaps between all the other facilities. like if your elevator got stuck while traversing from one area of aperture to another; you might have to get off of it, and this is the forgotten area you'd end up in, like a secret "floor between floors" in a sense. Particularly, this mod is semi-inspired by 2010-era mods for portal 1, combined with aspects of portal 2's 2010 beta concepts as seen specifically in the April 2010 issue of game informer magazine. I plan to incorporate an over-all "mysterious" tone for the early chapters of the mod; similar to the lonely and slightly paranoid feel of portal 1's BTS areas and test chambers. again; I would love to get some feedback on things that I'm doing well, and also things that could be improved. And I welcome anyone who wants to playtest things as I make progress! link to the mod itself (i want to improve this a ton, but its a start). Here are some screenshots (sorry if they are too massive):
  2. its a shame nobody is commenting- this is actually a favorite map of mine and I'm pleasantly surprised to see it here on mapcore. there are not many p2 mappers here... but there ought to be more.
  3. I made a reskin for portal 2's old elevators. not really its own model per-se, but just feel like showing it here. I made it because the texturing on the vanilla elevators are just....lazy, lazy, lazy. in the base game, the model just has the same texture as the walkways slapped on, baked AO and everything, with no regard or effort put into the UV whatsoever. substance + yanzl's pbr converter thing = miracles. https://gamebanana.com/models/4434 https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/elevator-a-enhanced-reskin-portal-2-d52aa695111648e7a40a16219f80e902
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