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  1. I think this is my fav entry. Reminds me of my `Medal of Honor: Allied Assault` playing days.
  2. It's a good question and was one of the risks we knew about at the start. So, the lower mall corridors has most cover provided by a combination of store kiosks, advertising boards and other usual mall furniture. Taking inspiration from a lot of 'mids' from other CSGO maps, there will still be relatively long lights but not so much that it's impossible to advance. The higher mall corridors are extremely open, if there's a competent sniper in the correct position then without flash bangs or smoke it will be near impossible to run down. However, where there's high risk there's reward, as it's the quickest route to both bombsites. Another factor is the time it takes to get into position for snipers. CTs and Ts both start at the end of a mall corridor with a 90 degree bend separating complete line of sight. Both teams would arrive in the middle at roughly the same time if they were to charge at each other. Both teams also have 2 alternative routes they can take to advance towards the bomb sites via accessible stores, mall service areas/corridors and a cinema.
  3. As much as this map is absolutely incredible, like seriously amazing with a timelapse to-boot, I agree with @Ynel.
  4. Yeah that makes sense. I appreciate the post and clarity brought. Thanks
  5. Update 4 I'm happy to report that I'm now collaborating with @That50'sGuy who is providing some very dandy props and textures for me to use in order to make the map really pop. Can't thank him enough for spending time helping me when he also has his own map, Blossom, to think about! Make sure to check it out. As for the map itself, I've started work on bombsite A which is a luxury jewelry store. Not much time has been thrown at this area yet however I wanted to share some update photos and announce the collaboration news. In other news, during my research of the Mall that i'm basing this map on, I found a few unknown facts about it. Long story short... the local news picked up on my findings and reported about them. You can read about it here
  6. Shouldn't be a problem, I've already got the shop front 'openings' blocked into hammer which gives me fairly accurate window sizes. I can then provide the rest during this weekend. Appreciate anything you can provide massively.
  7. I love how visually strong this map is regarding identifying where in the world you are just by the screenshots of the greybox. Now textures have started to be thrown into the mix it's really looking great! P.s. I swear I've seen a post on my forum travels recently that was from you about a mall map idea?
  8. Legend. Thanks. I think the eye-candy of that bombsite will be the external facing windows and fancy display cabinets which will also provide players some cover. Oh, and lots of gold!
  9. Bombsite A (the Jewellery store) I've not decided on yet. I hope it to be extremely glamorous at the front of store with big windows (and jewellery on display) but the layout I've not even thought about yet. As for Bombsite B, it's going to be split across 3 rooms with the bomb planting area split across 2 of them. It'll be an Office area, Control room (CCTV screens etc) and a server/generator room. The control room and server room being the bombable sites. I'll have some time to actually block up these areas this weekend.
  10. Agreed, this was always a big risk. The upper levels are exposed but also offer the fastest ways to both bombsites (so risk/reward is high). Whereas the lower levels will have a combination of cover from the use of service corridors and when out in the mall itself, kiosks and other mall 'furniture'. Plan is to make sure there's 2 routes that are slow but provide cover and 1 route that's open but if tactically used (smokes and cover fire as a team) can pay off massively.
  11. Oh well, that's good news. I appreciate the heads up, wasn't sure if it was frowned upon to use someone else's (with credit) in a competition.
  12. Urgh, this makes me sad. I've limited time as it is to map build!
  13. Appreciate the advice from the both of you @Roald/@JorisCeoen. Thank you for taking the time to write them. I've made an advance towards the ideas you both have. The main mall areas will now (kind of) serve as a 'mid' and are the only areas that will be true to the real location. A combination of accessible stores and service corridors are going to be the 'made up' parts and serve the biggest way to improve the flow and gameplay of the map. I've sketched out a layout that I'll attempt to block out over the weekend in Hammer. This should give me the very basics for a few games vs bots to see how far off I am from something that works. p.s. thank you also for the kinds words. Update 3 With the above in mind... Main areas of the map will be: Regent Crescent* (access to T spawn) Peel Avenue* (access to CT spawn) The Dome* ('Mid') Jewellery Store (Bombsite A) Security Control Room (Bombsite B) Key map features: The Jewellery Store (A) is quick to access (for T's) but carries higher risk The Dome is three stories high and offers 'some' oversight into the Jewellery Store (A) Motion detected inside the Jewellery Store (A) will trigger an alarm heard in the Security Control Room (B) The Security Control Room (B) is on the 3rd floor and offers the most cover (* Parts loosely Based on real location) Map sketch (Very rough) The Dome Progress
  14. So the more i've been browsing all the entries the more I've realised that the really good maps (kinda subjective, I know) all seem to have modellers cooperating with the build. Are there many in the community willing to help with promises of prize share if it makes it?
  15. Update 2 Small update today as I didn't have much time at the computer. I did have a little more time to think of a backstory as to why Terrorists would want to bomb an empty mall though. p.s. Excuse the shadows on the screenshots. I didn't have time for a full compile. Backstory An organised criminal gang with ties to a terrorist organisation have targeted a luxury jewelers inside a large mall. The group have planned a sophisticated heist consisting of two alternative options. Plan A - Stealth Knock out the mall's security control room, preventing anyone from raising the alarm and buying the gang time to break into the jewelers Plan B - Brute Force The quicker of the two options is to blow up the vault door within the jewelers, but it's an option that carries larger risk Initial work started on 'the dome' Main mall upper corridor Very start of the New Orleans themed area of the mall
  16. Thank you! Yeah, I was thinking either completely fake or potentially spoof ones. Probably the former just to be safe.
  17. Update 1 A few progress shots from this evening after adding a roof to the main upper and lower malls. I don't normally detail so early on but to be perfectly honest..... i'm having fun. Sizing up Complete Roof: Another reference shot for comparison One thing I'm likely to not attempt is the slight curvature of the mall in the below shot. Since time is short as it is I feel as though adding this curve (as gorgeous as it is) will burn time when I could be getting on with finishing the main areas and making sure it plays correct/is balanced.
  18. Initial Progress Here's a few screenshots after a few hours work. This work was carried out about a week before this map build thread was started.
  19. About Backstory Layout Progress Updates Initial progress update can be found within the first post (Click an update blow to view) Added roof section to main mall Initial work on 'the Dome' (CT Spawn) and the map's backstory Planned main areas and initial map sketch Started work on Bombsite A, a Luxury Jewelers called Raven&Co. Risks, Comments & Changes Fun facts
  20. Are entered maps allowed to be based on real world locations, nothing was specified but just wanted clarity. Disclaimer: I know real world based maps are never great due to the nature of their layouts, however I quite fancy the challenge of making one work. It's also what I would see as fulfilling the "locations seen infrequently in CS:GO" criteria.
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