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  1. This is to announce the release of the Forgotten Bunker 2 map for Half-Life: Deathmatch... Yes, Half-Life 1. Find the trailer on YouTube: https://youtu.be/APp0RLRlk_k Description: The action takes place in a forgotten presidential bunker. Players fight across not politically correct places such as a USA briefing room. There's a gym, a kitchen, a dormitory, a high-impact zone, an engine room, a presidential suite, an entrance, a main room and ... a bathroom (because why not). Being rather a gameplay feat, we have pushed the GoldSrc engine to the limits by including 4 cancellable crossfire-like events (Xen Raid, Water-flood, Nuclear Strike and Rapture) and tons of interactive features: puzzles, trolls, easter eggs and mini-games such as a working record player and the famously gratuitous scientist torturing booth. The Xen Raid event throws in some monsters giving it a coop dimension at times. Throw grenades down to the main room from the entrance shaft. Activate turrets with the kitchen toaster. Escape the engine room without getting crushed. Disarm everyone with the help of a friend. Explode your mates from a secret tunnel terminal. You can even unlock the surface if you dare face the death path hazards... and there's still so much more cool stuff to discuss... This must be the most feature-rich deathmatch map created for Half-Life and that's self-consciously bold. Trust me, just look at the video, this work is worth a thousand words.