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  1. Amazing to see these entries, and watch some of the develop over the past 8 months! Congrats to y'all!
  2. Hey guys, I have an important announcement to make. With the deadline nearing, I don't think we can make the completion period for the map. We messed around too much with the layout when trying to find solutions, and went too progressive towards trying to fix stuff. Another issue was lack of experience, as although I have made maps before, I've not been able to hone in on making textures or models. On the team, it's just me and Entities, both mappers who are very busy with their personal lives. Nevertheless, we intend on finishing up the map. We won't know how long it'll take, but I want to feel like we came out of this with some valuable understanding and should we ever enter another contest in the future, we will be more prepared. I wish the best of luck to all entries. Practically every once and a while, I check the entries and their progress, and it's so amazing to see it. Hopefully Entities and I can reach that level of beauty in the future.
  3. Want to hear about the update? Rocks. Lots of them. I decided to naturalize the world a little bit more, and added many cliffs and such to the map. Oh, you want the real updates, huh? I changed up Long A to provide more cover and priority to the T's, and to make a more realistic balcony area. Heaven has been reintroduced back into the map to make up for the removal of CT Long. The doors have been flipped on CT side. The bar and A connector are now combined into a single route. CT Spawn has changed, with a new sniper nest taking place where one of the middle entrances were. T middle has been reduced to one long wall, which can be boosted over. B site CT entrance has been changed, and drop zone has been removed as well. Finally, I removed spa room and replaced its purpose with a connector between A main and T middle, providing better utilization of routes. If you'd like to see more, here's a link to the imgur album! Happy Holidays!
  4. AlphaOwl

    [CS:GO] De_Cattle

    While working on my mapcore submission, I came up with a concept of a map with an interesting theme, and I just thought I'd like to share and probably work on it after I finish my submission. Set in a meat processing facility in India, Cattle's story is of radical protest and culture difference. A European corporation decided to build Kamadhenu Cuts in the middle of a river to increase more job prospects and worldwide business expansion into Asia. Specializing in all things cow, you can tell how that escalated to. A group of terrorists decided to take more radical steps towards taking down the plant, specifically targeting the delivery zone and the slaughterhouse entrance. Tipped off by Indian locals, British forces were brought in to stop the explosive result. I currently don't have a playtest version up, but most likely changes will be made towards Bombsite B, as well as extending the map overall. Hopefully I can come back with more once I'm done with Luau!
  5. Amazing work! Just a reminder to not forget shadows on the plants and such maybe, unless you're going for that type of look. Anyways, great job!
  6. Hello! Update time! Besides doing the fixes, I have also reworked long to be as steep and not 45 degrees anymore. The original angle is still there, although now there's a little bit of a safer area to hide there. We have also extended the upper A main building to take up the 45 degree area, and although this will now mean new smokes, it provides additional cover long. Here's what's left on the list: Change the catwalk route to be useful somehow CT Spawn made shorter and faster (currently in development) Better lighting Fixing up the map/updating aesthetics
  7. Hey y'all. Back again with an update from the playtest. Many suggestions asked for revisions similar back to the A15 version and simplification, so here are my notes: Removed Long and Drop (simplification) Changed B catwalk route back to drop route (in development) Rerouted A main route to lead into connector (currently in development, may change) Spa Room house closed off, connector inbetween T middle and remainder spa room (The most notorious entrance was directly in middle, but that allowed long sightlines from the building and middle. Gives new purpose to T middle now.) Balcony staircase now on A site, staircase extended into spa room CT Spawn made shorter and faster (currently in development) Middle now has 1 sniper nest window, and 1 middle passage (may change) Opened up CT backsite on B, as a raised platform (may change) B extended to take up more space and more plant routes Rerouting of B CT Main (currently in development) These two I will do. I also got suggestions about it, so hopefully I can fix up the lighting to look a little bit more natural. Hopefully some update shots later on!
  8. Hello y'all. It's been a while. After a month of work and preparation for a playtest, me and my boy Entities are here to give you: Update A20! Massive changes to the layout overall, which I'll go into detail here: T Spawn: To increase B and Middle timings, I've widened T spawn with new rock cover to adapt to the new CT spawn size (which we will cover next). Hopefully this will work out well, but if not, there will be a work around. CT Spawn: Created by Entities and detailed by me, we decided to remake CT spawn to provide 2 things: faster rotations and aesthetics. With the new CT Spawn, we provide a new reimagining of how the inside of the resort would look like, primarily the lobby. We also cut down rotation times slightly, and new routes to sites have a couple shortcuts as well. Hopefully these routes will be worked on after our playtest. A Main: With changes from Entities, we decided to fix the issue with many similar entrances of A main and the repurposing of bar. So we've removed the original entrance out of A main, meaning that the new bar provides the one sole entrance. There's also added cover to hide behind for T's in lounge room, that way it's easier to pick off the player at bar. If T's want a faster entrance out to A, then they're gonna have to fight for it. However, what does that mean for the additional entrance? *NEW* Balcony! The new balcony area allows you to throw smokes out onto site, to make up for the now-gone windows. Watch out for heaven though! Make sure you take down whoever's there first before executing. There are also boxes on A site that allow you to boost up to balcony, although that might be changed. A Site: In addition to the current A site, we've added a planter for head-height cover, and have added an additional long route for the CT's to enter the site, which can also be smoked off too. Don't fall into the water! There's also a new back site area, where the old connector from middle used to be. Middle: Middle doesn't seem like it's changed, but the dynamic is now much more different. I'll list notes: From new CT Spawn, comes new CT Middle. 2 Different entrances, with different angles. Pool is now longer, and rocks from B connector now extend farther into it. B Connector now covered by wallbangable wood wall for closer engagements. B connector is now a little bit wider. Waterfall on B connector is more transparent and easier to see enemies through. T Middle now has the old extended towards the middle of it, and rocks now cover the back of t middle. A new locker wall (and bathroom) have been moved up towards T middle to provide more additional cover from middle. A connector is now shorter and much quicker to rotate to from middle. Removed floaties and placed as barricade for little pool bar by CT middle (just a detail). B Site: Although B site was highly favored by many during the playtest, me and Entities decided to revamp it to provide some new zest and to fix some of the issues people found. We've changed the drop route to be more of a catwalk route up into site itself, with a window for throwing smokes through. There's a new backwall on B as well, providing heartier cover for CT's coming. We've also covered up the back of site to provide a new area to protect the bomb from, throwing nades over and through a small window that can easily be jumped through. You would think the only entrance is through CT, but that's actually different... *NEW* Drop! We've created a new drop zone, that used to be the unplayable area in B main! This allows CT's to produce a counter-active rush, in contrast to the speed of T's pushing the catwalk. If T's are able to gain control however, they can go boost on top of the light in drop room and use it to go up into the back area of CT. I can't wait to test this out with people, and hopefully we can be towards the stage of finalizing the layout. Thanks for reading!
  9. Hey y'all. Been busy with Ties reworking the map, and so far as for screenshots, I have the current radar, as well as one with with design details. Here are the major changes and probably more to come. CT Revamp (which includes closer/changed routes, new ct middle) New route around the original restaurant to A (needs playtesting) New A connector (May need playtesting) Widened Middle which is now more open No T middle planter Wood wall on B connector to engage in closer duels (Thanks to ExtraChessyPie(?)!) New B routes leading onto site Drop has now made as a higher elevated walkway onto the bombsite Side route has two purposes: A drop from CT backsite (which was where window was) or boosting up into the elevator New wall to separate backsite from bombsite, with CT being the only entrance there or boosting up the drop. Reworked A main routes onto site Path into bar has now been made a long corridor, exiting out into site, with a smaller bar at the back. New A roof route where you can throw smokes and exit out of. Possible A site rework!
  10. Hey everyone! Quick update! Decided to go mostly independent models. Recently learned Yanzl's models are for non-commercial use, and well... Anyways, I'm also enlisting the help of my friend, Ties, who hopefully could get some work done while I'm busy, and fine tuning the theme and layout.
  11. Hello everyone! Here's an update after the playtest, which I've primarily been waiting on! After gathering some feedback on the changes (which have been quite a while), I can put together a list of the things planned for working on. Better B rotation for CT B to T middle angle is too vertical, needs to be covered better Work on A cover Less steep positions Less corridors in connectors Brighten map Less refract on waterfall Make bar a more contestable position Move up CT Spawn or push back T spawn Only after these edits are made will I focus more on the aesthetics, but still being worked on so I can get a better envisioning for the map. Anyways, back to the grind!
  12. Thanks for the suggestion! My family tends to travel to Hawaii a lot, and one thing that I thought would be nice to go for were the beachside homes near the coast, whilst still not being super abandoned from society (thus sort of the reason why it's in a resort). I really want to share the experience I've had vacationing there, so I try to keep it pretty surreal.
  13. Yeah, I guess I have those there sort of like placeholder decals. Probably will work on something like that during detailing!
  14. Hey y'all, back again with another blog post! I've primarily revamped CT Spawn, extended B site to play around the elevator, reintroduced heaven as a boost, and added floor texturing. My plans are to start trying to make my own textures and models for the map, but in the meantime stay in tune! New Radar
  15. Hey y'all, sorry for the lack of updates, but I'm still here! I've just been busy figuring out if I want to push a visual update or not, but I'll intend to just update on this thread instead. New Info Booth By CT Spawn! New Heaven! (Note: I currently removed the area because during my playtest session, it became evident that it had a bit of an issue with it. Might revamp or possible remove entirely.) New Long! Remodeled Tiki Bar! Expect more updates to come. School is starting, so I'll start trying to pump out as many updates as I can. A few notes though: Should I move CT-Spawn closer to the bombsites? This would probably open up the area more, but allow faster access to sites and such. More wildlife and cave reworks to come! Maybe route overall in general? Removing the original B connector is eminent, and may change connector route for A therefore. New name change to Luau! How do I change the title of the post? Anyways, I hope I can get some feedback, so signing off!
  16. Note: hopefully a more aesthetic update next, I these changes will be made apparent in the next update: Some wildlife on the beach (turtles, sharks) buoy change Cave rework a more solid-looking elevator (people sort of got spooked out by it) Possibly increase doorway size for a main to prevent cluttered ness Decrease chokepoints Heaven rework fully Raise walls CT middle for new connector Possible long changes The black palm tree Also name change. Maybe like Aloha, Paradise, Mahalo, or Coconut? I don’t know, but we’ll find out in the next version’s name.
  17. Not gonna go over this for too long since there's more for me to work on, but this version of the map is released, and includes: A fixed radar (CT Spawn now fully visible) I nice spawn building for CT (kudos to someone from the playtest!) Wooden walls removed on A Closed bar entrance closest to A main Removed/Changed boxes on A site, as well as making A site a pillar-type Moved boxes of cover from long to allow a holdable angle A squeaky door from A main to tiki bar Widened windows in A main Opened up connector between spa room and A main A rerouted entrance to heaven Removed fence currently Changed entrance to B site connector, leading through the waterfall, and removed previous entrance that leads to B main Waterfall is now fully see-throughable Cliff wall connector no longer leads towards CT entrance to B, but rather to B site as a safer route and to prevent CT easy peeks B site lowered Added/changed boxes on B site, allowing more post-plant positions and cover to hold site More changes will come along as I continue to review the comments from my playtest. Thank you to all who participated!
  18. Hey ya'll. Playtest came through today, and I'd like to thank the folks who are in the Source Engine discord server for helping out! Here's a general list of future changes to come: Opening up A site and removing obscure cover Changes to heaven More/changed routes to B site Waterfall overhaul Middle changes Layout changes Along with that, more shaping of the map theme will persist.
  19. We're back! With a playtest happenings very soon, I decided to take some edits that were suggested from Reddit comments on my feedback post. Layout: CT Spawn moved back towards front of the resort. T Spawn shortened and spawns moved up. 12 Spawns total for each team. Added lights Connector between spa room and A is removed, forcing usage of A long and prioritizing spa room as an alternative to going middle. Curbs have changed. Breakable glass windows on the roof of A main. New surfboards allow selfboosting into heaven. Water changed. Rails on spa building have been updated. Boat now protrudes through T spawn, adding cover to spawn. New truck on A long allows cover and possible smoke line-ups. Tiki Bar ledge now reverted to being lower. In the meantime, here are new screenshots, of the map, and you'll expect changes after the playtest! Enjoy!
  20. Back again with another update on the Haole, this time with a workshop release update! I've curved the entrance to B site instead of keeping it the strait route it used to be. This is so that T's have a better chance of not running into the instant site engagement, although timings will be a bit longer to hit the site. Passing through, they can take a new look at the cave, which now takes over where the river once was (Although technically you can't have a waterfall without a proper cave). The lore behind this decision is that the cave is open to the public, but lately top secret agents have been allowed to enter and store their stealth ships. The professionals accidentally came across these files, and are attempting to blow it up. As for the tiki bar/stage, that'll be another story... The CT Spawn now resembles more like a resort, although more tweaking will commence in order to make it look better. This house up above is a secret VIP deck that guests can enjoy. Or is it actually a ploy to hide secret government info within the depths of the resort? Please give feedback, and I will continue to be working on perfecting the setting, as well as the eventual addition of textures and such. If you'd like to try it out, it's on the workshop too!
  21. Added curbs to A site, and positioned the big box to go within it. I've also removed the original planter on heaven. Ct middle now has the tree planter widened, and the building is wider as well. Expect more to come!
  22. Here's a new look at the updated radar, fitted with some nice edits. T spawn now has quicker timings towards sites, B site has less direct visual towards CT, heaven also now has limited visibility, and curbs. Also given that I haven't uploaded any screenshots to sell off my map, I might as well give a preview at what I currently have. CT path to Mid/A A site Long to A Middle B site A connector from Mid T Spawn Please give feedback and enjoy!
  23. New Update! Additional cover and changes to A site, please give feedback on how they are! I've also increased bombsite size to B, and removed some boxes or rearranged some to adjust with the new gameplay. I'd also like feedback on bombsite B to see if there's any improvements I can make for the map. Download on the steam workshop now! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1762866894
  24. Fixed the radar, and changed some of the geometry towards the B site for the cliff to prevent less jaggedness. The waterfall is now "climbable" in the upper part, but can be gone through in the lower part. Needs a little bit of editing. Rain has been changed, although may or not be removed for better gameplay. A building has also been properly added towards the cliff and the skybox has been expanded. You can throw guns off into the river, so be careful!
  25. Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1762866894 Setting: Hawaiian Resort during a rainy day Terrorists traverse from the sandy shores of the beach through the long garden or building in the resort (I'm thinking a spa room perhaps?) to A, or can make their way over to the steep hills or pool to middle or B. That's right, middle is part of a pool. Up the rocks is the entrance to Bombsite B, located behind a waterfall, which is directly connected to mid (Whether the cleaningness of waterfall source pouring into the pool is debatable). Middle leads to another cliff into B site, while past the walls take towards CT or A site. Through the building (Spa Room???), terrorists can still head to middle for quick rotates or through another building, which leads to Bombsite A. Bombsite A just so happens to be the location of a courtyard, where a tiki bar and stage are present. Meanwhile, Counter-Terrorists coming from the front of the resort can climb the steep cliff to B or head to the open area which leads to middle or A. CTs can push through an alley to the tiki bar, or head through the local restaurant to take a height advantage the visitors. Gameplay: A site has two main routes for both sides that lead to it, while B site has one main route and is more connected to middle. Right now I'm trying to work out the gameplay mechanics, but the waterfall that's present could be shot through and can be jumped out of, like a one way drop from a site to middle (right now I have a waterfall that can be technically climbed, although it has the properties I desire except being able to climb up it). My inspiration sparks from my many visits to Hawaii and how beautiful of a place it is. Upon looking up "exotic places" online, one of the first results was Hawaii, and instantly sparked me on how wonderful of a place it is. I don't have any direct visual comparisons for inspiration, just sort of the concept behind it. I do have to fix the radar for some building entrances and the lack of the tiki bar (a playable area in the map) but feedback is appreciated! Here's a bunch of screenshots. Still under development, and need some feedback on what to refine: https://imgur.com/a/gpIxOGI
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