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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux7LklSBW4Y
  2. Thanks mate, yeah i watch all their videos, i might come back to it later just to have some closure, i trust that once you get past the learning curve it's not nearly as frustrating, lol
  3. Update: I abandoned the project, or at least put it on the back burner. This was because of a mix of the hammer editor being outdated and frustrating, my impatience, my unwillingness to learn new tools, my incompitance, etc. Its a fun change of pace designing for a different kind of fps, i feel like this would have been the best entree in the contest if i went through with it. Thank you for the support and or criticism everyone, good luck with the contest. If you want to see my other maps heres my yt channel: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCYatg8Re7_v9jLaYB33hEgw
  4. Porting over is not that hard, I've remade maps originally made in Forge, in Unity 1:1. Forge is good for quickly laying out a concept like that
  5. nope, lol Do you guys know what a blockout is? This is a preliminary phase before building the map using the hammer editor, maybe you are confused
  6. Hello everyone, i made a rough block out of my upcoming Defuse map in Halos Forge and would like the communities feedback. I have only just now begun learning how CSGO plays at a high competitive level purely for the map contest, I've been spending the last few weeks catching up on the last 20 years of Counter strike and i feel like i'm ready to start making my map. 1 thing i have noticed in the CSGO design community is how desperately starved you guys are for original, and innovative maps. So i hope with my varied experience i can fulfill that void and take the #1 spot in this contest Top down view of my current blockout made in halo 5 Forge, Attackers spawn to the north, Defenders to the South. In the final map there will be a wall dividing the attackers from the bomb site just below their spawn, even though in the picture it looks like you can drop down On the picture below you can see as spiraling tower on the bottom, This position has overwatch over both bomb sites, an asset that both teams can attempt to take control of. The sand will absorb all fall damage so that players going down the ramp always have another option to push, it is a one way drop however, as they will then be led to a inclined ramp which leads up to the sniper tower. Everything is to scale, the yellow blocks represent player models placed at key line of sight engagements. the yellow block at the top of the building there can be reached by teamate boosting. The bridge has a layered bomb site, meaning you can arm above or below There are a lot more features that would be to hard to detail in the pictures alone, like more one way drops, nerdy lines of sight, wall bangs, and nade tricks of course. Looking forward to competing with you all
  7. Would sci-fi themes be deemed eligible? Hey everyone, I've never made a cs go map or even played cs go, but i love design contests and might be participating. I am a Forger and Unity probuilder hobbyist, so i have a lot of experience with level design and i think my smarts will translate over... Would there be anyone here that would be willing to coach me along the way, so far as using the hammer editor and importing stuff?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2z6tGYQbk0&t=1s
  9. I challenge others to try their hand at this, it's really fun
  10. Pathfinder main here, i love how NOBODY uses him, i consistently have him all to myself! I suspect this is because the grapple hook & zipline have a learning curve to them, combined with the fact that on the surface they don't seem that valuable. On top of that most people i matchmake with are surprised when they find out what his passive ability can do, most people don't even know how to use it. In summary Pathfinder not only lives up to his name as the best at guiding his team through the map with intel and macro re-positioning, but also as an individual unit his grappling hook gives him unparalleled re-positioning utility and speed which is extremely useful for running to respawn beacons, getting high ground instantly during a fight to escape or 1-up the enemy, and also general reconnaissance. His ult has the fastest charge out of all the legends, use it to bring your teammates on top of towering buildings with you, or to set up a quick escape if you get surrounded.
  11. How did you make that gun sprite? I've got my mind set on a similar genre and style New Wip: Penrose . The philosophy this one is pretty simply, the higher up you go on the spiraling prism, the less dance floor you have at your leisure
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