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  1. Hello, I've made a portfolio on Source engine games like Team Fortress 2, Insurgency, and Garry's Mod. I see my work as a hobby, though I figure no harm in posting a portfolio. I understand there are faults like lacking in depth documentation notes, non-official gamemodes, and one being a 'movie set' and not an intended play space. Future projects are intended to remedy this. https://monsalvek.artstation.com/
  2. This game reminds me of Insurgency, which I really liked. I'd be interested in joining the project with more details, especially without a download to try out.
  3. Hello, St. Monika is a fictional district set in an ambiguous metropolis. Its game space is built much more vertically with hills and rooftops compared to other flat world levels in Garry's Mod. It also has a much higher density of detail thanks to using newer Source assets. I was commissioned for a roleplay map last year in November, but I quit about 2 weeks before release due to an uncommunicative, and exploitative management. Regardless, I instead released the map for free on the Steam Workshop forgoing my unpaid labor. St. Monika was my largest endeavor yet, and I chose to
  4. Hello, I'm an artist and mapper constantly looking to try new things out. I make maps and take responsibility for building them from the ground up. I've worked directly with 3 CEOs with my services, and I'm now looking for new work. My portfolio & contact information is available here: https://monsalvek.artstation.com/
  5. Shelbae


    Hello, Set in the heart of an abandoned mall, Shoplift is ZE's first 3 stage map exclusive to Team Fortress 2. I built this map in my leisure time to see more zombie maps for TF2, and also expand upon unique gameplay mechanics for Zombie Escape in general. Shoplift was immediately picked up by the largest community server owner in TF2, Skial, and is hosted on their Zombie Escape server. They've also since added my other ZE map, Jungle Lab. You can check out the level and its presentation on the Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=169441
  6. Shelbae


    Hello. I made this map as part of WorldOfLevelDesign's 11 day mapping challenge, giving myself only 11 days to start from a blank slate to a detailed beta game level. I designed Jungle Lab for the new Zombie Escape mode ported from Counter-Strike to Team Fortress 2 using the brand new Jungle Inferno assets available from a recent update. It has been detailed with textures, lighting, sounds, and intuitive new gameplay features like breakable walls, elevators, and buttons not normally used in TF2. You can check out the level and its presentation on the Steam Workshop: http://steam
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