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  1. This video felt very awkward and strange... I don't know why.
  2. Guess I'm coming back from Unity...
  3. Calling it now, the top three is going to be a fight between Anubis, Everest, and whatever thewhaleman is doing. Edit: Forgot about Mutiny, that map is also probably going to be up there. Edit2: No one will see this, but I completely forgot about @untor and @BubkeZ's swamp. That map will definitely be in the top 2.
  4. As a person who joined the CS scene during GO, this video provided a lot of cool and interesting info. It's cool to CS lost maps being brought back, and the layout ideas are much more interesting than most of the maps we see today. This video has really inspired me to make something new.
  5. Looking at the gameplay video, the game doesn't feel 'good' to play. Unlike CS or R6, the weapons shoot in a boring and weak way. The movement is also very static and basic. I predict that because its made in a newer engine, it probably won't have any of the complexities of Source. Of course it may be just because the walking animation is out of sync with the characters movement speed, but that wouldn't be a good sign either. I guess the game can make for a CS alternative for casual players, but I don't believe it will be able to defeat it competitively.
  6. DMU222

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    While all of this is true, this does not mean that a mapper can't be given the liberty to use their own freedom to create a fictional location that pays tribute to and is based around a real place. As a person with many direct connections to Russian culture, I feel like this new update has done has brought the map even closer to a realistic representation of Chernobyl. Where as before the map was filled with cars that didn't even have proper license plates, we now have cars that more or less fit the era. I especially like what Fmpone did to the area around B and CT spawn, it really reminds me of a lot of abandoned buildings I've been in in formerly soviet countries.
  7. @mtchromatic, I got to play with net_graph 1 when I was at esl one. The PC's had very high specs (probably rtx cards) and the map was stable between 460-480 fps on high settings.
  8. I have spotted some more issues on the map. The netting on these crates is too large. There is a mega cheeky spot on these lamp posts on A. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to find anything else. Great work on the map!
  9. I got to run around the map at the ESEA booth. I’m not a fan of this wall at B, the connection between it and the ones on the left and right seem awkward. There’s also a headshot angle from truck to the new window.
  10. Personally, I just don't want to see the entire game industry going subscription based. There's this great model used by Serum called Rent to Own. Basically, the user pays a monthly fee for a certain time period, and then they own that version of the software. I feel this would be great for users, lowering the barrier of entry, yet the model is not as predatory as something that is subscription based. Obviously, you can't have a monthly payment system for each individual game. Maybe we can have the player pay 2$ per hour of playtime until 30 hours, and then they own the game. Thoughts? I feel like this system is great, cause I bought PUBG for 30$, and have only 7 hours of playtime. At the same time, I have played CSGO for more than 1000 hours, and only spent 8$ on the original purchase.
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1485426582& Hmmm... Skybox looks the same, so does the overall layout of the buildings in the first two screenshots.
  12. Syllaris Industries is proud to be joining this competition. Soon we will be unveiling our brand new innovations and technological wonders. Stay tuned for more: Syllaris, shining brighter than the Future.
  13. DMU222

    CS Dust in UE4

    Quixel mad this really weird add in which they recreate Dust 2. The result is quite graphically impressive, but would definitely not work to well in a competitive level. Nevertheless, it's impressive work. What confuses me is why the guy remade the map using scanned screenshots, would have been way easier to just decompile the map and use something like hammuer to get a reference mesh.
  14. Anybody interested in partnering up? I made Roca for the csmapmakers wingman contest and have experience making custom models and textures. Please message me if you are looking for partners.
  15. After reading this thread, I have decided to also be excited for Halo Infinite and Titanfall 3 (hopefully).
  16. Personally I'm only excited for Cyberpunk, unless Nintendo announces something Zelda related or Valve announces something VR related.
  17. @deceiverI was aware that Apex Legends was on source Engine, but the rest of my comment was mostly just speculation. The stuff you guys are making are super awesome, I can't wait to see more at E3!
  18. The Quakecast was a great listen, and I'd love to participate in a contest like that ^ . I know that you mention in the quakecast that the level editor is core to Prodeus's programming, but it would be possible to release a modified version of the editor as a Unity asset package? I know personally I would buy that editor in a heart beat, as it would make level making for my unity projects way easier.
  19. I believe that they have been planning to switch to UE ever since they started development on Titanfall 3. I believe the story was that the devs were no longer happy with the limits of source, so they decided to use the assets they already created to make a spin off game called Apex Legends. Anyway, seeing as Respawn is one of the only Triple A's still making non sell out games, hopefully we will see the first good Star Wars game in years.
  20. Looks cool. But its made by EA...
  21. DMU222

    de_de_dust2 (CS:GO)

    Fair enough @Interfearance, I will be reworking the layout. God recently gave me another great idea, to remove the entire top half of the map as well as the teleporters, and place T spawn in the simple hallway opposite CT Spawn. I feel like this may make the map much better. Here's a prototype overvi ew:
  22. DMU222

    de_de_dust2 (CS:GO)

    Through all my time playing CS:GO, I have always hated Dust 2. I never understood where my hate for it came from, but now, I finally get it. The root of all Evil, is Dust 2's T Spawn. To put it simply, it is the worst location of all time on any map, and completely ruins flow. How many times have you purposely walked through T Spawn while playing a game on Dust 2. The answer is s1mple, 0 times. For this reason, I have come up with a solution to the Dust 2 problem, just make T Spawn CT Spawn. This too of course leads to some problems, as T's and CT's will instantly kill each other as soon as they spawn. The solution came to me one day as I was sitting on my couch and listening to my favourite song (EZ4ENCE). It suddenly changed tune, and god spoke to me through it. "DMU222 you must make 2 dust 2's on top of each other" So that is what I did. Now yes, the map does have 4 bomb sites, but special teleport areas (marked in orange) have been added to allow for seamless transportation for T's and CT's. I'll be playtesting the map this weekend, what do you guys think?
  23. Personally, I'm worried that if this becomes an industry standard (like its being advertised) it can hurt consumers, taking away their freedom of choice for games and hardware. With this technology big corporations can likely push out smaller hardware companies and indie developers. To place a comparison, if people are choosing games from 'Netflix' they can never find something small and interesting like Europa or any of the other small indie games we see on these forums.
  24. @blackdogIt's the voice actor of Geralt from the Witcher 3 doing a voice sort of similar to Geralt but different enough so that fans don't make theories. Though some still did. The fact its Geralt's voice actor also leads me to believe that it is natural. Edit: I believe the name of the guy is Doug Cockle
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