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  1. Just going to leave this here... Edit: After @Puddy's comment I would like to explain the reasoning for this meme. My intention was not to attack Graveyard or its creator, instead I meant to display the clear differences between a greybox map and Graveyard. If anything, this meme is attacking those who claim that Graveyard is a bad map that shouldn't have made the finalists.
  2. You guys forgot to compile the sun for your submission. Oof
  3. Just took a look around the map, I really love the uniqueness of its visual style. Can't wait to see this map in the finals!
  4. Congrats on finishing everyone! Good luck to all of your submissions!
  5. @grapen back at it again with the diverse + clean visuals. Combined with @Squad's level design it's sure to be a contest winner!
  6. So, there will be another 1.5 years right? Real shame I missed this one, but I just can't help but hate my own LD work right now, and no one wants an environment artist who can't make custom models+textures good. :C
  7. While our competitors are proudly announcing their 'new' products, Syllaris Industries must announce that there have been some unfortunate delays of our project. For the time being, all work on our innovative technologies has been discontinued. We hope to return soon, with new innovations that have never been scene before. Good luck to everyone still in the race, I'm out.
  8. @Lukeonuke This map already came out... 4 years ago.
  9. You copy paste the folders into your Counter-Strike Global Offensive \ csgo folder. They should automatically combine with the folders already in there.
  10. Additionally, there is @Yanzl's Source emporium (free to use for non-commercial work) As well as @The Horse Strangler's content drops (same rules as Yanzl):
  11. Radu asking the real questions I propose we title this phenomena Schrodinger's tree
  12. From what I've heard you are right. However, I believe the developers of CE Anniversary said they built the game on the abysmal Gearbox port and not the original game. I remember reading a lot of criticism about how this makes the CE available on the MCC look substantially worse than the actual original game.
  13. I don't think Valve would ever do this. The whole point of having custom models is that other players see them. To make a profit, Valve needs players to be jealous of the skins other players have. I don't think any serious map would have crazy colors. Most mappers care about the vision of their level, trying to fit with a modern time theme. Having the option to make crazy colors would still be great for community game modes. Imagine, every single pair of players in DZ has a color assigned to them, allowing you to easily distinguish who is on who's team. Also, allowing for recoloring would probably allow mappers to make levels with more interesting color palette. Right now, the map pool trends to being very white, since there aren't any white player models. As a mapper, having the option to give player models brighter colors can be allow the community to make darker levels.
  14. Personally I think Zool's solution is best, the color changing just has to be modified to not affect weapon skins. The player skin still looks 'cool' and allows players to show off, but it also keeps the game competitive, and adds an interesting new form of customization for community maps. Also, it means Valve can't be lazy with their skins by making recolors, each model can have something unique about it.
  15. Any one else see the enemy AI interaction? This zombie walks over to a physics barrel and knocks it towards the player. It would be really cool to see enemies dynamically making their own cover and moving the players, kinda like in F.E.A.R. Also, say hello to the new Vertigo scaffolding (but in VR!)
  16. Source 2 mapping tools are available 2! This is sick! The graphics look insane compared to most of the AAA games that have been coming out! Going to get an Index for this!
  17. This video felt very awkward and strange... I don't know why.
  18. Guess I'm coming back from Unity...
  19. Calling it now, the top three is going to be a fight between Anubis, Everest, and whatever thewhaleman is doing. Edit: Forgot about Mutiny, that map is also probably going to be up there. Edit2: No one will see this, but I completely forgot about @untor and @BubkeZ's swamp. That map will definitely be in the top 2.
  20. As a person who joined the CS scene during GO, this video provided a lot of cool and interesting info. It's cool to CS lost maps being brought back, and the layout ideas are much more interesting than most of the maps we see today. This video has really inspired me to make something new.
  21. Looking at the gameplay video, the game doesn't feel 'good' to play. Unlike CS or R6, the weapons shoot in a boring and weak way. The movement is also very static and basic. I predict that because its made in a newer engine, it probably won't have any of the complexities of Source. Of course it may be just because the walking animation is out of sync with the characters movement speed, but that wouldn't be a good sign either. I guess the game can make for a CS alternative for casual players, but I don't believe it will be able to defeat it competitively.
  22. DMU222

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    While all of this is true, this does not mean that a mapper can't be given the liberty to use their own freedom to create a fictional location that pays tribute to and is based around a real place. As a person with many direct connections to Russian culture, I feel like this new update has done has brought the map even closer to a realistic representation of Chernobyl. Where as before the map was filled with cars that didn't even have proper license plates, we now have cars that more or less fit the era. I especially like what Fmpone did to the area around B and CT spawn, it really reminds me of a lot of abandoned buildings I've been in in formerly soviet countries.
  23. @mtchromatic, I got to play with net_graph 1 when I was at esl one. The PC's had very high specs (probably rtx cards) and the map was stable between 460-480 fps on high settings.
  24. I have spotted some more issues on the map. The netting on these crates is too large. There is a mega cheeky spot on these lamp posts on A. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to find anything else. Great work on the map!
  25. I got to run around the map at the ESEA booth. I’m not a fan of this wall at B, the connection between it and the ones on the left and right seem awkward. There’s also a headshot angle from truck to the new window.
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