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  1. Going to wait for those sweet black friday - cyber monday deals to upgrade my rig before playing the game. I can probably wait two weeks right? Maybe not :c
  2. I'm going to be honest I did not enjoy the demo at all. The movement felt slow and sluggish and it was hard to tell if an attack would hit or why it did hit. The idea is solid and the game is pretty but the core loop needs to be polished a lot for me to truly enjoy it.
  3. I'm pretty sure stickers are for steam chat while profile banners and frames are for your profile. You 'buy' these stickers with points you get from buying actual games. You can also choose to not spend your points, and save them for a future sale.
  4. I really loved Boneworks, it used to be janky but the devs are still updating it even though its a singleplayer campaign. It's a lot of fun because unlike Alyx the game is open to letting you do ANYTHING to beat a level. I think its an excellent game to pick up if you have some experience with vr and want something with a lot of depth and freedom. However, the prize for the best VR game has to go to Beat Saber. I'm not a huge fan of rythm games, but the physicality really makes this game amazing. I turn it on almost daily for exercise and I don't think I will ever get bored. It really is a must have vr experience, especially with the countless amount of user authored mods.
  5. To me it seems that all the hype around Valorant has quickly died out. It seems like a lot of the esports orgs that had planned to play the game competitively are starting to pull out. It's really weird that this is happening, as so many people were confident this would be the cs killer. Even crossfire was able to maintain a large playerbase longer than Valorant. Obviously it is way too early to declare the game to be dead, but it is clear that the initial launch was a big fuck up. My personal theory is the game was too focused on being balanced and competitive. The game quickly grew stale because there weren't any fun strategies players could abuse. By making a game that removes any unnecessary and buggy aspects of CS, Valorant doesn't leave space for people to take risks and have fun with the game. For example: In Valorant smokes are a solid ball that can be easily lined up from a distance. This means almost every smoke through will be perfect, blocking out any possible sightlines. This discourages players on the other side of the smoke from taking the risk of pushing through or finding a sneaky angle on the side. Meanwhile with the buggy sprite smokes of CS, you can never be confident in your smoke which encourages players to use silly risky tactics. With every ability having a firm rigid 'competitive' use, players quickly get bored of the game simply because every round becomes a repeat of the last. A similar problem is created by the starting walls. They make sure that all timings are always the same and predictable and balanced. But when every round is always the same and predictable and balanced, there is no reason to keep playing the game. Thank you for coming to my TED talk
  6. This does exist in the games multiplayer (Frontier defense) except they used mp maps as a base rather than sp ones.
  7. Someone actually took the time to put into words the problems with the games maps The only thing I would add is how uncomfortable most of the angles are on these maps. It doesn't feel like there is a good place to aim and I often get shot from off angles that don't really make sense. Maybe its because I am so used to cs, but even in community tests this happens less often than in valorant. It really seems like the games marketing was all about being a competitive esports game, but all the updates they've done since have made the game more and more and more casual to play.
  8. Isn't this just Wario Stadium from Mario Kart 64? Looks fun!
  9. RIP Erect, the map that was to advanced for CSGO. May it return one day to save us all. It is the map we need, but not the map we deserve.
  10. VR is the perfect medium for immersive sim games like System Shock and Thief. I wish I had the skill to actually put games like that together, oh well. I am confident that systemic games are the future of VR for the next 5 years. HLA is already filled with systems, the developers just choose to focus on linear levels and puzzles.
  11. I think they announced on reddit that the newest pach will remove Denuvo @dux
  12. All I hope is that the game doesn't have rpg leveling mechanics like assassins creed. I don't mind getting a new sword every hour or so in a game like BOTW, but I don't want to be constantly looking for an item that has slightly better numbers so I don't get fucked by the enemies. I want to be able to choose what weapon I use, not look for the statistically best gear.
  13. Rally has received a layout redesign as well as a workshop alpha release:
  14. Valve talk about it here:
  15. I'm making a wingman map based around a rally cup garage. Posting here super early in the design faze so I have to stay accountable. Hopefully I can get some sick looking rally car models in to really sell the map. I'm pretty bad at hardsurface modeling though...
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