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  1. Gameplay seems 'fun'. Maps are alright, the two showcased have interesting ideas (three sites, teleporters), but each arena/room seems flat and boring. Also, no level editor or any other sense of community creation. I have a feeling its going to be like Overwatch, instead of the community making mods, maps, skins, etc. , it will be fanart and cosplays. Riot is probably going to run the esports scene too, since leagues can't create their own infrastructure. Also this thread should probably be renamed VALORANT...
  2. I feel like this review really nails the comparison between HLA and Boneworks. HLA has better visuals, a mountain of polish, and a captivating narrative. But, Boneworks has a deep and realistic sandbox that sparks player creativity.
  3. IMO sights are a waste of Resin, I ran: Pistol - Laser pointer, Bullet Reservoir, Burst Fire (pretty useless) Shotgun - Laser pointer (also useless), Autoloader SMG - Laser pointer, Extended Magazine I would have taken the resin I spent on the useless mods to buy grenade launcher for shotgun
  4. I run a 2017 HTC Vive + Deluxe Audio Strap with Valve Index Controllers The controllers are very nice, and the tracking + audio works good to. I'd say the Vive was a good choice back when other options weren't around. Nowadays I would rather shell out an additional 200 for a full Index instead of buying any of the HTC headsets. I haven't looked at the specific specs for HTC, but I'm pretty sure they are worse? Overall, its a good set up that still works very well after 100s of hours of play.
  5. Honestly, 'weird' maps like Nuke or Inferno are still four square in a sense. If you untangle the player paths and spread them out, the same exact layout is powering every single map currently in the game. What makes these maps unique is the way they tangle/reposition each path, and the arena design of combat spaces.
  6. The real question is: Where is the Source 2 SDK that comes with the game? I really want to play with these cool new tools.
  7. IMHO pro players know nothing about how a map should be built. They can give good feedback on how an area feels or can be modified, but they don't understand what makes a map tick.
  8. @Tynnyri The fact that you use my meme as 'evidence' is truly ironic, as I made it because I was angry that one very stupid user kept saying that the map was: " a greybox -textured custom models " In my opinion, "visual presentation" goes far beyond the quality of assets or level of detailing in them. Visual presentation is all about careful placement of simple details and good lighting working together to create a beautiful visual composition. Graveyard's assets flow together, creating an interesting mix of organic and inorganic structures that your eyes glide across. This is where the true art of mapping comes out, its about creating a level of visual fidelity that doesn't distract, yet captures the imagination. Similar logic can be applied in the world of other artistic mediums like painting. The art of Vincent van Gogh uses just a few basic colors and strokes, but it comes together to form a masterpiece. Even in level design, is a good map defined by the amount of corners a hallway has? Of course not.
  9. DMU222

    Corona Virus

    So, More panic = less spread of the virus? I'm going to go buy all the toilet paper.
  10. DMU222

    Corona Virus

    Just curious to see how the Corona Virus is affecting the lives of level designers around the world. I haven't quarantined yet, but it seems imminent that everything will soon come to a crawl. (kind of like the final moments of a round of Plague Inc.) What are your thoughts and feelings on the Virus?
  11. Dude, you can see how this map came together directly in this thread. All of the art and layout has very clearly been made post-announcement of the competition. This is probably the main reason why I love this entry so much, I saw it change significantly as the competition wore on.
  12. Just going to leave this here... Edit: After @Puddy's comment I would like to explain the reasoning for this meme. My intention was not to attack Graveyard or its creator, instead I meant to display the clear differences between a greybox map and Graveyard. If anything, this meme is attacking those who claim that Graveyard is a bad map that shouldn't have made the finalists.
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