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  1. DeStout

    WIP de_BadScience

    Hey thanks for the suggestions! These are all things I'm "keeping an eye on." I'm doing a playtest this weekend and expect to hear a more of the same.
  2. Hey fellow creators, I'm working on a map for CSGO and need help to get some early data on how the layout is working. Playtesting believes it's still too early for the servers but I'm not comfortable moving forward until I see how players actual play on the map and hopefully get some outside feedback. You can find the map here if you'd like to take a look. Also, here is my steam profile if you'd like to send me a request, and here is the forum page for the map. Any advice is welcome! Thanks so much
  3. DeStout

    WIP de_BadScience

    My brother and I started working on a map a few weeks ago we're calling Bad Science. The theme is an underground cave system juxtaposed with classic villain science. We've both been casually mapping for and playing CS for years but never really had the support to truly test our work. I have a degree in Game Art and plan to create as many of own assets as possible. You can find my steam profile here, and my brothers (Roger_That) here, as well as the link to the map here. If you have some time check it out; we're always open to feedback, especially from more experienced mappers!
  4. Still an early version of a csgo map my brother and I have been working on. Hoping to do a playtest this Thursday!
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