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  1. Ties

    [CS:GO][WIP] Sluis

    So I did my first playtest last week, it was brutal not gonna lie, but i want to thank everyone for participating and being honest. There is a lot to improve, that is for sure. The feedback I found: - Way to hard for CT's to hold mid and A - Angles are too long - Upper fort is OP - Tree sucks **** - Too little cover for CT's, too many angles to hold - There is a spot where you can hold mid, A and B which sucks - The ladders at CT suck **** - Too open or too cluttered, never the right amount - No fancy radar + The rotate times weren't that bad If I missed somethings please let me know. I'm back to the drawingboard
  2. Ties

    [CS:GO][WIP] Sluis

    @SerialmapperMy first map in general I watched all TopHattWaffle's bootcamp video's. Made a plan (above) in Photoshop, collected images along the way for visualisation, blocked it out (alongside TopHatt's vids), found out that off grids sucks, blocked it out again and iterated from there. I'm a bit of a dreamer with a background in industrial design, so this was right up my street. While designing/dreaming/building, I lurked a lot in the source engine discord that was also helpfull. I've also been playing counter strike on and off for a while now... guess that also helps
  3. Ties

    Mapcore FACEIT Hubs

    I've worked on something a couple of weeks back (https://compassionate-bell-62f5f1.bitballoon.com/) after the topic was discussed in the discord hub chat. The main issue to solve is with Face It atm. As @JimWood said in discord: I'm not sure if someone is in contact with Faceit about this, but it's something that needs to be resolved to make the whole plan work. About my hub page itself: It is linked to these collections for displaying the maps Voting is done by signing in with Faceit, and when voting it checks if a user has joined a Mapcore hub The page can use some content (text, images, structure), it's something I would like to handover to someone else or at least collaborate with someone with. For me it was just a fun experiment with the steam and faceit API's, and thus finished my personal goals for the project. That said, I'm open to work some more on it. So if @El_Exodus @Thrik or @blackdog need anything, feel free to contact me (discord is the fastest way)
  4. Ties

    [CS:GO][WIP] Sluis

    Sluis (pronounced sluice in English) is a bomb defusal map at a coastal town in the Netherlands. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1297078841 It is inspired by inland waterways, the beach and cute Dutch towns. To get a feeling what I'm going for here is a moodboard (got a lot more images, but gives a nice impression): As this is my first map, it's all very early in development and I'm doing it in baby steps (as you can see in the changelog on the steam workshop and the gif below). I have shown some friends the map and tried some stuff, but I'm still unsure if the whole layout is going to work. At the moment I'm trying to make it ready for a playtest, but as it is my first map and my friends are no mappers I thought to share my work for some feedback before I submit it. So here are some more pictures: I'm currently trying to make the balcony area in mid better and doing some clipping.
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