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  1. Hey man! saw some of your stream the other day. That editor you have seems pretty cool, are you happy with how it works? What kind of enemy is that down the door? Just a thought, wouldn't it be cool to introduce a strong melee enemy in a tight corridor like that - You enter the corridor - smoke starts coming out of the door as it opens, from the smoke emerges this creature , door closes behind it and charges towards you. Fight or flee!
  2. Looking good, i am always up for a playtest! Keep it up.
  3. Sounds super cool! Applied for the mission design position a week back or so!
  4. Hey all! I am bumping this now as i am again looking for a junior position and it would be nice to have some senior input before i apply to different companies! Kind regards Johannes
  5. I mean not that i played a lot of APEX but one of the things i did say to my friends was that this game is going to fall of rather quickly, and i had no doubt about that. Its simply a far to shallow game, its too easy to master what's in it. Not enough strategy and not enough challenge in mastering the characters. The dip is not due to lack of content all though new characters would help, it was just never designed to be a gamed played for a long time by the masses.
  6. Looks like his portfolio might be a bit too much on the wordy side
  7. Dude Congratz! Is it your first? Best of luck for you and your family!
  8. Might want to include a link to your portfolio!
  9. I am not sure how important this feedback is ( I should add that i am not in the industry yet), First of all, I to think you have a nice style, and its easy to look at when it comes to color. I also like that each project has its own "box" nearly separated. However i do have a hard time figuring out where to look, there is a lot of things that want my attention, and my eyes does not know where to focus first. Its a bit information overload i think, and no wonder, a lot of the information is presented several times. Why show the projects on the front page, and at the same time have the option to show them under the "horizontal" bar on the top of the page? It just seems more complicated than it needs to be. I Would recommend keeping the Project links on the home page (super important, the best part of your portfolio) However removing "individual projects and Team projects from the horizontal bar , and instead move them down to the Home page instead.This will remove a lot of the information overload, and things will become more clearer. (Check my portfolio if you do not understand what i mean) Also, rename Individual projects to personal projects. IMO. There is also nothing that make me understand at a quick glance that you actually want to be a quest designer. I do know that it says quest designer at the top, but not really how it relates to your projects. This might also contribute to the "overload" feeling i might have. I just don't know what is relevant. I would make it more clear that you did Mission/Quest design at the projects by adding your role to the picture of each project, or as a part of the "greybox" which hold the name of the projects. Simply say (quest designer + level designer etc) That's it for now.
  10. Sorry i did not see your reply! Yes of course it is Okay to use it, and i hope you did! If you need technical details of how i made it or similar i would be happy to help! Thank you
  11. I have been playing it and I really think it's fun. It exceeded my expectations by far. It's a bit hard to communicate with strangers online without a mic as their Coop-game does not seem to support VoIP. That is a shame, as I think this game could have some damn cool levels should it do. There are somethings which are a bit unclear, and understanding the systems (Wep-modding, how to manage survivors etc etc) is not very intuitive but it’s fine, as they focus un Replayability we will either learn it, or they will make it more accessible. Also, never really understood the point of the Andersson Camp, as everything besides turning in missions/bountys can be done through the UI? It would almost make more sense if they removed the UI and integrated it directly in the Camp-level, forcing you to do things at workstations instead. Wondering when games are going to create and connect to a Discord server automatically! This game would really be cooler could we communicate with those that we play with. It’s a nice balance between Action and stealth and I can see the Replayability in this as we did in payday 2. After having played the beta I recommend it, and I will probably spend some time in it.
  12. By the way, how would you define "levl Art" ? I don't do any modelling, however what i mean is set-dressing and simply placing the asset in the level. Would that not be considered level art? Or have i misunderstood things?
  13. Thanks for the feedback, especially with the docx and font pair. I had not thought about that. I agree that it is a bit weird regarding the Dying Light map, however i noticed that sometimes people would miss it if it were put under "individual projects". I wanted to stress that i have worked with one in-house engine! anyways, great feedback, thanks!
  14. Hey everyone! I am currently in the middle of looking for an internships. I have created a portolio with Individual and team projects, and i am wondering if someone with a bit more experience could take a look at it. Both from how its presented but also it's content. This looking-for-internship process has not been going as smooth as i was hoping, and it would be great if someone could point out my own weak-spots with fresh eyes! I also attached my resume, should anyone be more interested in giving feedback there! johannes-olsson.se Thanks in Advance! Johannes Erik Olsson JohannesOlssonCV.pdf
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