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  1. Alright, thank you for your feedback
  2. Thank you so much, and i am glad that you played it with the controller! Do you mean the handles at the elevator or at the "spin-this-around"?
  3. Hello everyone! As a part of our education here in stockholm, we created a small game during four weeks earlier this spring. It's called echo and is inspired by games like Inside, Limbo and little nightmares. It would mean the world to us if you'd like to play it and maybe provide some feedback. While the game itself will not se anymore changes, we as students would like to hear from other creators. It was created by ten students. Three desginers, four 3D artits, two 2D artists and one animator. We created it in four weeks. I recommend playing it with an X-box controller connected to your PC and playing it with sound in order to really get into the atmosphere. The game is completely free, and does not require anything other than unziping it! (windows only) https://lions-vultures.itch.io/echo Thank you all in advance and have a great day!